“Working with Anica for the past 8 months and undergoing a whole lifestyle change has been one of the major turning points in my life. I am a grandfather and have seen a few turning points in my life but for the first time in decades I feel that I am managing my whole body and person to deliver peak performance and to enjoy life more fully as it is meant to be enjoyed. I haven’t felt this inspired and invigorated since my youth.

I had reached a point early in 2013 where I was wondering whether the general malaise, lack of energy and joint pains I was suffering were due to the onset  of age and what my future prospects would be in the coming years. Would I become a housebound and generally depressed recluse facing a rapid and inevitable decline in health? Were all my dreams of a happy and fulfilled life behind me?

A mutual friend who had hired  Anica as a personal trainer recommended her as a possible solution to my problems. After an assessment of my condition by Anica I was introduced to the concept of a holistic lifestyle change and I hired her as a personal chef and coach. She taught and opened me up to the whole gamut of healthy living from nutrition choices and food preparation to physical conditioning and an understanding of human physiology.

Anica quickly dispelled a lot of myths I had about healthy food choices and put me on the right track to healthy eating, incorporating super foods, cleansing and eating nutrient dense living, enzyme rich food. She also recommended and coached me on suitable exercises like hatha yoga and power walking to bring me back into physical shape and provided valuable insights into the process by which the body utilizes nutrition optimally.

I shed sixty pounds of excess weight in the first six months of working with her and found the aches and pains in my joints gradually disappearing; all this while eating the right choices deliciously prepared by Anica from her plethora of recipes. I learned the value of organic living foods and how to balance a meal for optimum nutrition.

The knowledge I gained on how the body reacts to the various stresses of the environment quickly showed me the value of system cleansing. Through Anica’s guidance I undertook a candida cleansing program to detoxify my system of candida fungus and heavy metals and to re balance the digestive systems healthy bacteria which is so important in the body’s proper processing of food. I had previously been totally unaware of such toxic conditions as candida overgrowth caused by poor diets high in sugar and of heavy metal buildups through absorption of such substances as aluminum based compounds and fluoride based compounds used in antiperspirants and toothpastes.

Throughout my transition to a primarily plant based diet I was given emotional support, direction, and positive reinforcement in my daily life to assist in breaking old habits. Much as an athlete would be coached mentally/emotionally as well as through the teaching of sound scientific principles of how the human body really works and functions optimally, Anica was always there and available to provide education and encouragement.

Anica puts her soul into her profession, and is an example of the long term effects/benefits of living a balanced and healthy life. For her it is a calling; for me it has been a Godsend.” ~John Blenkiron, Vancouver BC  August 2013


“I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Anica ; she helped me to change my diet.  She was supportive and personally coached me during my transition to a healthier lifestyle!   I absolutely love talking with her. She has really taught me about a completely new way of eating. I eat more often since I am training and working out a lot. My energy level is so much higher which is important since I train as a senior lady figure skater.  Anica has also introduced me to super foods! I feel so much better. Holistic nutrition was a piece missing from my training as a figure skater.  It has made a difference with my skating and my overall well-being!” Katie Dano~ Santa Rosa,  California


“I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been and I’m almost 40! Anica has really helped me to understand the importance of whole living foods in my diet. She taught me how to train with precision for total body fitness in the gym and now I train 4 days per week on my own. Anica is a great teacher with a wealth of knowledge and is dedicated to her client’s success.” ~Lance Robertson, Richmond BC


“Anica is an authentic and genuine Reiki Master. Receiving my first degree from her was an experience unlike any other. She is warm and loving, and carries an abundance of knowledge that makes her a great resource. Healing and wellness isn’t just a side project for Anica, it is the very root from which she has sprouted. She lives and breathes what she teaches her students, and because of that I will be going back to her for my second degree. Whether you are looking for healing, lifestyle change or fitness I would highly recommend working with Anica.” ~Crystal Dean, Vancouver BC

Katie Dano’s Training journal

A whole new way to eat!

Posted on May 5, 2011 by Katie Dano Hey guys. This week has been quite busy.  I have  been working with my nutrition specialist, Anica Brandt, and I absolutely love talking with her. She has really taught me about a whole new way of eating. I eat more often since I am training and working out a lot. My main breakfasts are usually either oatmeal (steel cut) with bananas, blueberries, and vanilla almond milk (my favorite!) or whole wheat toast w/almond butter, a banana, and milk. These are very delicious breakfasts that get me energized and ready to train. Oatmeal does take time to make so I do have to wake up a little earlier to make it but its worth it and it is so delicious and healthy…

A New Trainer & New Nutritional Plan

Posted on April 18, 2011 by Katie Dano Hey everyone. So I’ve had a pretty busy week. I’m training hard for my 1st competition of the season, Spring Jubilee, which is in the middle of May. I haven’t started doing full run-throughs  yet but I’m feeling more and more confident with the steps and choreography. It does take me awhile to get used to my programs but with each day of training, I am feeling more and more confident with myself. I mentioned last week that I would start up training again with my previous trainer Maria. I had my first work-out with her on Friday and I loved it. She definitely kicks my butt when working out and all though I felt quite exhausted afterward, it feels totally worth it for me. Our main focus is having more upper body strength and hip strength and flexibility because those are my main weaknesses. Another exciting thing is that I started working with my nutrition specialist, Anica. She is so great and she is giving me a plan of foods that I will need to start eating more of that will improve my skating performance. This new way of eating will not only help my performing and energy levels but I think will improve my overall health and fitness.


One thought on “TESTIMONIALS

  1. Anica’s wealth of fitness, health and nutritional knowledge, well-being and positive life-enriching knowledge on personal and spiritual development is staggering. Her assistance in developing a nutrition and diet plan for me cannot be understated. Coming from a very unhealthy diet of processed foods, drinking alcohol regularly, usually beer & wine all mixed in with fast foods including my personal favorite poutine, she has tremendously helped and personally encouraged & challenged me to eat, live and function better. I’m proud to call Anica not just a coach but a friend.

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