Pine pollen from Pine Trees is a great supplement known for it’s adaptogenic properties, immune enhancing capability, metabolic balancing and as a hormone regulator. It can be harvested once a year for a short time in the spring from the Pine cones. How to harvest? Take a brown paper bag cover the cones and shake the pollen off into the bag. You can add to smoothies or create a tincture.

It should be noted that if you are taking a tincture of Pine Pollen and are female do use in moderation and smaller dose than recommended for males as it does stimulate testosterone levels. Test it out and adjust accordingly.


List of Pine Pollen’s Benefits

  • Androgenic – stimulates anabolic endocrine activity and increases testosterone
  • Nutritive/Tonic – acts as an adaptogen and can be used long term
  • Acts as an aphrodisiac activating a healthy sex drive and high libido
  • Regulates prostate function in men
  • Boosts the immune system and beautifies the skin
  • Stimulates liver regeneration and regulates bile secretion
  • Restores hormone levels in andropause and menopause
  • Relieves fatigue, increases stamina and restores natural energy levels
  • Increases cardiovascular endurance, raises blood levels of SOD and lowers cholesterol
  • Increases metabolism, helps regulate weight and nourishes the muscles
  • Rejuvenates the brain, hair, bones and endocrine system


For more detailed information on Pine Pollens’ amazing properties and how to take it etc, I will leave you with this informative video from the “master” Nyishar

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Cleansing Detox-Berries! Melons! Fruits! Beets!

Day One juiced all that goodness there

Yesterday as I was planning my next juice fast for the Spring I felt the urge to start it now. Typically I am cleansing quarterly. In the past I have cleansed a min of 2x a year using botanicals and juice fasting. My longest vegetable juice fast was in 2010 of 40 days.

This time I am doing things a little different and initially was going to fast for 21 days. Serendipidously, as is always the case in my life, I came across Dr Robert Morse, ND on youtube while researching grapeseed extract (which btw is a powerful anti oxidant) I came accross another youtuber who had a video on her grapeseed juice fast and she got me onto Dr Morse. He has the same philosophy as myself in many ways, he’s a raw foodie who advocates the fruitarian diet, something that I was never sold on because of the sugars. Well, as it turns out what this man has to say is very wise and makes alot of sense. I will leave links at the end of the article if you are interested in his teachings as I am not going to get into that in this article. Let the master speak on this one.

Inspired, I got myself some blueberries, apples, mango and concord seeded grapes (the seeds and skins are what contain the magic) and began experiementing with combinations of fresh beet, carrot and ginger juiced and then blended with blueberries and apples, Beet carrot and ginger blended with blueberries and mango etc. The combinations are endless and you can get creative. I love the cleansing and blood building properties of beets combined with the powerfull anti oxidents in blueberries so these two are a staple in my juicing/ smoothy cleansing/fast. Seeing as I am in Canada we are not in the berry season so I am limited to frozen local berries which thankfully I have access to. At this point I am going day by day but am feeling like I may adopt this diet for the next while, who knows how long it will long as I feel amazing. Today I had so much energy! Trained 2 hours at the problem business as usual.  This winter I was eating very clean as always but had incorprated more cooked foods, squashes, roots, black rice, and amaranth bread on occasion, raw fermented butter and yogurt because, well it’s winter, and it’s been colder than normal this year in the north west- we had snow for over a month! As a result of these heavy foods I was feeling kinda heavy and lower energy which is a red flag! Alert! Toxic build up the system.

Day Two-In these photos you see beet, carrot and ginger juice (mason Jar) which I used as a base with blueberries and an apple in the smoothie below. Yummy and vitalizing! Last photo is a combinaiton of mango blueberries with same juice base.

Right now I am supplementing with Grapeseed extract, Iodine, Schisandra berries, Organic Sulfur, Liquid minerals. To assist in cleansing I am taking Red Clover, Dandelion, Cleavers Milk thislte, Zeolites, Fulvic Acid, to clean the lymphatic and blood, heavy metals and radiation (which is all around us- that’s another article unto itself).

Can’t stress enough how essential it is to keep the biology squeaky clean. The world is getting more and more toxic and although we cannot avoid much of these toxins we can give our bodies the best nutrition available, eat less, higher quality foods; taking control of what we put into our Godly temples.

Sickness and disease are not normal and do not have to be our choice. If we wish to avoid illnesses and degeneration, we have to become more aware and understand the bodies innate ability to heal itself if and when supported and take the steps towards healing and health. We are miracles.

Just a wee side note…I want to share that I have only taken pharmaceuticals a few times in my a kid. Since the time I had a choice, I stayed away from pharma completely and don’t go to allopathic doctors. The last visit, was the first in 10 years due to a torn ligament that needed documentation for legal purposes…I did not accept painkillers or X-rays that were recommended. My philosophy is this:

  • I AM my own doctor
  • I know whats best for my body
  •   My Body will communicate when it is out of balance so that I can take measures to assist in homeostasis and when necessary I see my Chinese (TMC) doctor and consult a naturopath and herbalist.

When you keep your system optimal and have body awareness you don’t get sick…when the red flags show up you do something about it so as to prevent illness. Mother Nature provides us wtih everything we need to sustain life and to heal. Its that simple.

My focus for over 20 years now has been prevention. I am living proof it works. The Keys? Get to know you’re body, listen to what it’s telling you- symptoms as simple as a headache are signs of toxicity. Keep your body clean by regular fasting, juicing, cleansing and adopting at least a moderately raw food diet. With this approach you can radically slow down the aging process and avoid atrophy/disease.

Robert Morse ND

What to do with all that juice pulp? I make a warming detoxing broth out of it.

Put the pulp (here it is carrot, beet, ginger) in a large pot, enough to fit 2 litres of water, bring to a boil and then simmer. I have added red clover, dandelion root, fenugreek, corriander. Let simmer for two hours. Strain and compost the dead pulp. Makes a good warm drink to sip on all night and helps to keep my body warm and satisfy my savory taste buds.

Cheers to Health and Vitality!

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OOOPS I Did It Again! Henna!!!


It’s all about the hair! After two years of growing out my hair post henna chop I did it again!

If you have followed my blog you will know in 2014 I put henna in my natural blonde hair. I went very red as you can see in a previous blog post (links are below). Anyways to get it out I had to cut my hair super short..first I did a moderately short pixie followed by a half inch long crop to get rid of the red. Here is the length of my hair now. I decided to do a henna cassia gloss last week- mostly because I was bored and needed a change this winter- my vision was strawberry blonde and I achieved it and am very pleased (the second photo is close to the actual color and in the sunlight it’s very strawberry).

The process of hennaing was something I missed…a hair ritual that not only conditions the hair but also makes it stronger and it just feels so good. As I am growing my hair long again (maybe 6 or 7 more inches) I want to be sure it is super healthy. I only co- wash and every other day (sometimes more) and shampoo with a natural gentle shampoo once per week. The only heat I use on my hair is blow drying it a few times a week and I try to go every other day without wetting my hair at all. Sometimes this is a challenge because I workout 5-6 times a week and sweat.

For more in depth info about henna and cassia see my previous posts and video on my experience  Henna on Blonde Hair and  Henna Conditioning 

To achieve this strawberry blonde color I used one part henna to 10 parts cassia mixed in warm hibiscus tea, squeeze of lemon, one cup of conditioner and about a 1/4 cup of olive oil. Let it sit for 75 min.

The trick now is to keep this color by doing the roots for 75% of the time and the rest of the hair for the remainder. It’s going to be an experiment and I really want to keep this light tint…I do not want dark red hair again.

Here is my natural color just prior to henna glossing!! Very light ash…I’m a Swede 🙂 img_7066-2

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Thursday’s Musings


As I grow upwards towards the light, towards the higher version of myself living in God’s plan, God’s will for my life, I realize that I know nothing in the larger perspective of the universe.

We have all heard the analogy that the spiritual path is a winding, meandering road with the purpose being the journey of growth and expansion not the destination.  To experience  the learnings with surrender, acceptance and gratitude we open the door for the unfoldment of our goals, our destination. Life is a series of destinations. The pearl lies inside the journey.

With this wisdom the path becomes much easier as we are more in tune with God’s plan and trust that God knows whats best for our lives, better than we do, and that we are loved and supported in all things. Whatever is happening is for our highest good. The more we let go and surrender the quicker we move through life challenges. How many times have we mis-created as a result of obstinate use of our will, not listening to the subtle voice of God’s guidance. When we lack trust and faith in life we are bound to make many mistakes getting lost, distracted and sidetracked from our purpose.

In this modern life with so many cleverly designed distractions and the disintegration of godly pursuits we are not taught to make time for God. Unless one is seeking to know thyself and has the wisdom to unplug from worldly pursuits, from making external pleasures and satisfactions the priority in life, it will be impossible to know God. To know God is to know thyself. To hear God we have to engage in meditation on his word and invite him into our lives and then we begin to develop a relationship with God. This is the most important of all relationships. The rewards are great, we find love, joy, peace and forgiveness and with God’s blessings our lives become so much more manageable.

What inspires you and brings you joy is your purpose. God will support you as you walk in courage to fulfill God’s purpose for your life in service.


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Eclipse Season Sept 2016



We are nearing the end of this major transition Ascension cycle of Sept 2016 with the final 3rd eclipse, a full moon lunar eclipse occurring on Sept 16 in North America. If you haven’t already noticed the affects since late august you surely will this week. Top it off with the Mercury retrograde energies. These are intense times on the global as well as the personal level. Things are shifting so quickly with these planetary alignments designed to allow humanity to purge, cleanse, clarify, purify the darkness, the limited patterns of thought, behaviours, and past baggage that no longer serves. This is the opportune time with all this universal support to finally break free from the shackles that have kept us bound to lesser versions of who we are. It is time to up level, reformat, redefine our lives. We have the opportunity to move past the illusion of fear and into the higher frequency of love. The darkness is ramping up-getting grotesquely dark, this is a desperate attempt to further tarnish and enslave the souls of humanity by keeping them in fear and focused on the lower three “Earth Plane” chakras. You can break free now!

Do we face life from a place of trust and inner knowing, or do we face life from a place of fear, insecurity and lack. Are we  living authentically and honouring our purpose? These are all questions to ponder during this transition. Whatever shows up in our lives that throws us off balance, creates disharmony and old reactionary patterns of behaviour are there to show us where we are living in fear, and not embodying our souls essence. This great shift in consciousness, that began many decades ago, has been ramping up year after year with the influx of the higher frequency universal energies of the Photon Belt (light particles) the earth is moving through.  The choices we make now will impact the future of the planet and the human race. Are we coming from a place of Love? Are we doing what we Love? Our we authentic and living in Integrity? Are we Loving and kind to all?  It takes conscious awareness to recognise the patterns and triggers as some of these issues have been repeated for lifetimes on a soul as well as collective level.  Its work to heal thyself and to overcome the darkness we have all embodied since the fall- loss of consciousness on the earth plane thousands of years ago.

Pay attention to what comes up for you this week, be aware and make a choice that is different from the old.


What comes up during this cycle is happening in order to clear the slate and allow the space to create a new and different life…the life we have dreamed of. To live authentically, to be empowered and to know and honour thyself. As powerful creators we must become aware of what we are creating with our thoughts and words so that we can undo the cycle of mis- creation. We have all been down that road and the consequences are unbearable.


Sending out my prayers of Love to the planet and to ALL…Lets get this En-LIGHT-enment party started!

Let Go and Let GOD



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