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 Unleash Your Inner Wisdom

Holistic Lifestyle Practitioner- Plant Based Food Coach-Athletic Coach-Intuitive Healer

Inspire Encourage Listen

Encouraging a balance between discipline and play Anicca supports her students to explore their full potential. Offering challenging and fun programs in holistic health and fitness to students of all levels to assist and guide them towards self healing through increased body awareness, connection and attention to self care.

Anicca has studied under many great teachers and mentors whom she is grateful to have spent time with and learned from these experts. From her first love figure skating, which carried her through 30 years of study and practice, to her interest in other disciplines such as dance, gymnastics, yoga, swimming and weight training Anicca has maintained a life long commitment to health and fitness.

It was during her late teens that she developed a keen interest in seeking the spiritual path. After receiving a copy of autobiography of a yogi Anicca was enthralled by the disciple of meditation, self exploration and the deeper meaning of existence. This opened many doors and began to rapidly transform her life leading to changes including dietary changes; moving from vegetarian to vegan to raw foods. Today Anicca incorporates all these learnings into a balanced vegetarian/raw food diet and holistic lifestyle that is rooted in the principles of Ayurvedic practice.

Anicca is excited to share her personal journey and love of healthy living and knowledge with her students and clients.

To download a copy of Anicca’s training, education and certifications- Download Resume PDF File

Anicca continues to grow and evolve studying with various teachers. She is influenced by and has studied under Master Herbalist Rosemary Gladstar, Reiki Master Rev. Loro Tylor of the Usui lineage, Figure skating coach and British Ice Dance champion June Thorlakson, Ice Dance coach David Gibson.


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