Energy Healing


Healing body work to assist you in restoring a state of spiritual wholeness, releasing blocked energies that create dis-ease in the body.


What is Reiki

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese name consisting of 2 words Rei and Ki meaning spiritually guided life energy (commonly known as Universal Life Energy), an energy which animates us all and is found all around us.
Reiki is a form of spiritual healing using “universal life energy”, also known as prana or chi channelled through the practitioner to the recipient.
Reiki helps to clear blockages in chakras and meridians and to harmonize body  mind and spirit for yourself or anyone you want to help.

Reiki treatment
You relax, fully clothed, on a massage table or seated while the healer holds his hands on or above you. A treatment can last an hour or longer depending on the treatment required. In the western world many practitioners use the standard hand positions and commonly a full treatment is given covering all the important organs of the body.
There is no pressure on the body making it ideal for treating all ages and conditions, sometimes hands are even held away from the body. The energy flows wherever it is required (spiritually guided) and can normally be felt as a warm sensation or tingling in the body. Receiving Reiki is a very relaxing and soothing experience!

Reiki is an effective healing method
Reiki can be used for many ailments like reducing stress, relieving pain, headaches, stomach upsets, back problems, asthma – respiratory problems, PMT, menstrual problems, sinus, anxiety and many more. (Please observe that Reiki should never be used instead of medical treatment, it should be used as a compliment and a way to become and remain healthy.)

There is no belief system attached to Reiki so anyone can receive a Reiki treatment or a Reiki attunement. As in any healing the first step towards a healthier life is a desire to be healed.

The experience of Reiki is an individual one and the benefits experienced will uniquely reflect the individual’s needs at the time of treatment. In all cases during the session, the chakra system (our energy body system) will be cleansed, aligned and rebalanced. Energy blockages in the chakra system will be released along with negative energies, toxins and impurities
You will also benefit from a combination of the following:
Restored energy and vitality
Reduction or alleviation of stress and anxiety
Relaxation and restored emotional balance
Increased positivity
Increased feelings of strength & courage in dealing with difficult life situations
Increased motivation, focus and ability to influence positive investment in life
A sense of reconnection and balance of your physical, emotional and spiritual self
Reduction or complete alleviation of pain
Increased immunity
Support and activation of your body’s natural ability to heal itself

Immediately after the session you may feel very relaxed and peaceful or re-energised. Post healing work Anicca allows for a time to debrief before driving home. It is also beneficial to you, to take some ‘breathing space’ after Reiki. By engaging in an activity, which will maintain your feelings of relaxation and calm, you will enhance your body’s ability to fully integrate Reiki Healing Energies. I recommend a quiet walk in Nature, as a good activity to achieve this, but any quiet activity, that you feel a sense of peace doing, will promote the same effect.

Very Occasionally after a Reiki treatment you may experience a ‘healing reaction’. This usually indicates that your body is continuing with the cleansing process. It also indicates that more Reiki may be necessary. Symptoms you may experience are headache, nausea, cold or flu like symptoms, bowel changes, feeling emotional and fatigued. This should normally resolve within a few days. During this time you can support your body by drinking lots of water, eating healthily, gently exercising and talking through your feelings with someone you trust. If you have concerns or questions about anything you are experiencing following Reiki, please feel able to contact me.

Reiki – a powerful and gentle healer

    • Promotes natural self-healing
    • Balances the energies in the body
    • Balances the organs and glands
    • Strengthens the immune system
    • Treats symptoms and causes of illness
    • Relieves pain
    • Clears toxins
    • Adapts to the natural needs of the receiver
    • Enhances personal awareness
    • Relaxes and reduces stress
    • Promotes creativity
    • Releases blocked and suppressed feelings
    • Aids meditation and positive thinking
    • Heals holistically
    • Clears past life energies and blockages in the energy field.

Quantum Physics tells us that everything in the universe is energy and matter is not as solid as we perceive it to be, that there is no empty space in the human cell, but that it is teeming with electric magnetic field of possibility and potential.

Anicca is an intuitive healer, Reiki Master trained in the Usui  system of natural healing under Reiki Master Rev. Loro Tylor, working closely with the ascended masters and archangels.  Working on the quantum level of healing using various healing modalities including crystals, sound, aromatherapy and flower essences to assist her clients to release and clear the deep subconscious patterns and emotional wounds that have created energy blockages from this lifetime that are often rooted in unresolved past lifetime traumas.

These blockages are present when dealing with challenging persistent patterns in the current lifetime. Her work includes releasing ancestral lineage patterning and programming in the field that help her clients to experience increased awareness, greater joy and freedom in the current lifetime.

Anicca has practised meditation, Hatha, Ashtanga, Sanskrit Chanting and the use of crystals for healing and protection. She has studied the teachings of Yogananda, Iyengar, Erich Schiffmann, Barbara Ann Brennan, Master Kirpal Singh, Jesus and other ascended masters.

Healing sessions are available in person if you live in the Vancouver area or remotely via google hangouts

75 min session $100

3-75 min sessions $270

6- 75 min sessions $511

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