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Anti-Ageing Skincare Of A New Generation

Care and maintain youthful beautiful skin naturally. All of our ingredients are carefully chosen, organic, fair trade and we support sustainable, authentic business practice taking into consideration the impact on the environment.

Anicca’s interest in maintaining optimal health began in her late teens. Having an innate understanding that to preserve youth one must approach health from a holistic standpoint taking care of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies through self-examination, fitness, meditation, clean living, and discipline. By paying attention and making healthy sustainable food and lifestyle choices one is then able to support vibrant health. Beauty shines from the inside out and a well-maintained vehicle, one free of toxins and stress supports longevity, wellbeing and vitality.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and what we put on our skin is absorbed into the body’s tissues. For this reason it is important to make the right choices when buying skin care products as many on the market are laden with toxic unnatural chemicals that put stress and strain on the liver, eventually leading to the contribution of degenerative diseases. We are bombarded with chemicals from our environment on a daily basis in our modern lives making clean choices in the products we decide to use a priority.

Anicca began researching and studying aromatherapy and herbalism to discover the most effective plant essences and carrier oils for anti aging at a very young age to prevent the signs of aging of the skin. Her holistic approach to skin care includes the formulas that she has used for more than 20 years as well as a commitment to clean living, fitness, the spiritual disciple of yoga and good hydration. These aspects are fundamental in slowing the aging process.

Anicca shares her personal formulas for anti aging, rejuvenating and healing the skin. Her passion and love of nature shine through her products.

This unique skin care line protects, heals, stimulates and regenerate’s skin cells. These plant essences increase collagen, slowing down the appearance of and diminishing wrinkles and assist in healing and grounding the energy body, uplifting the spirit and soothing, healing the heart. Plant essences such as Rose for example have a subtle healing energy on the system uplifting, nurturing and is an essential plant for anti aging, stimulation of collagen and soothing of redness, dry skin and conditions like roseacea. Frankinscense increases ones ability to connect spiritually, gently opening the ajna- 3rd Eye Chakra as well as being excellent for damaged aging skin with powerful healing cell regenerative properties, often used in natural skin cancer treatment.

The plant essences used are safe and will benefit all skin types at all stages of life.

These blends contain some of the most powerful plant medicine for nourishing the skin and are absolutely chemical free. Each product is carefully made and infused with love and healing energy for optimal benefits to the skin and the soul.


You can find the line in Vancouver, BC at Quidditas Health on Commercial Drive, Nourish Market, The Lip Lounge on Main St, and Arnica Homeopathic Centre on Lonsdale

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Anicca’s Organics Anti-aging Face Serum

Anicca’s personal anti aging blend formulated to prevent signs of aging, protect, nourish and regenerate the skin cells. Pure Organic Rose essential oil for fine lines, prevention of wrinkles collagen production, reduces redness from irritation, roseaca, rose purifies the heart raising the energetic frequency of the aura. Organic  Frankincense with its healing and regenerative properties provides excellent protection from damaging pollutants, over exposure to the sun, is very good for all skin types in preventing and minimizing the appearance of wrinkles. Frankincense is used in meditation to bring the awareness to the higher chakras increasing ones ability to connect to spirit.  Carrot seed essential oil can help retain youthful skin and look refreshingly young, antioxidants in carrot seed oil help to repair the damages to tissues by oxidants (free radicals) and stop them from doing further harm. The Jojoba Oil base in this product provides extra anti aging antioxidant protection and is a light oil that mimics the skins natural sebum is easily absorbed into the skin and does not feel greasy.   This blend is divine luxury on the skin providing natural protection and rejuvenation to the whole system. Good for all skin types and ages and particularly good for sensitive skin. Unisex.

30 ml Face Serum $60 USD +Shipping

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Anicca’s Organics Anti-Aging Glow Body Serum

Anicca’s personal anti- aging body serum. This luxurious body oil is formulated to nourish protect and regenerate the skin as well as provide a subtle glow and is good for daily use. With Ingredients such as sandalwood, sweet orange and vetivier this blend provides anti-oxident protection, cell regenerative action as well as grounding and protection of the subtle energy body also know as the Aura. Vetiver calms inflammation, has a soothing and cooling effect, reduces scaring promotes the growth of new tissues in the affected places, aphrodisiac, tones the system, nervine properties to calm the central nervous system, sedates nervous irritations, emotional outbursts anxiety, restlessness. Ylang Ylang has sedative antiseptic and aphrodisiac properties -Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil can be beneficial in curing  inflammatory condition of the skin such as eczema reducing the skin irritation and redness by regularizing sebum production and treating the infection. Macadamia nut oil is a light oil with maximum penetration and mimics the skins natural sebum production. This blend is a wonderful mood enhancing harmonizing blend to protect and heal the skin while giving you a most angelic glow. Good for all skin types. Unisex

50 ml Body Serum  $40 USD +shipping

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Testimonials/ Product Reviews

Here’s what people are saying about Anicca’s Organics Anti Aging Face Serum

I first tried the Anicca’s Organics Anti Aging Face Serum in December when my face was dry from the cold weather. This serum was the only product that left my skin feeling soft and hydrated. After 3 days, I noticed that my skin had less wrinkles too. This serum not only hydrated my face but it left it looking younger.

It works really well with my liquid foundation too. I thought it would feel greasy because it’s an oil but it was the total opposite. My skin absorbed the oil and it made my face look fresh. My face looks better now too when I don’t wear make up.

I absolutely love the smell too. This is a product I would recommend to anyone wanting only the best ingredients for your face/skin!!

-Jackie Wotherspoon, March 16, 2016

I love Anicca’s skin care products! I currently use both the anti-aging face serum and the glow body serum.

Each time I open the bottle, I am enticed by the delicious scent, my favourite being the face oil. I have even tried putting a few drops in my hair to enjoy the scent for longer.

When I apply the face and body oils to my skin, I love how the product is well absorbed and leaves my skin feeling hydrated, but not oily.

I appreciate the care that Anicca takes to source out the finest quality, organic ingredients. I will continue to use Anicca’s Organics and look forward to trying more of her wonderful products as she expands her skin care line.

Simone Salazar, March 2016

I have been using Anicca’s anti ageing face serum for the past 3 months and my skin is loving it. I am 62 years old and am getting compliments from friends and family, and my face does not scream for moisturizer in the winter months any more!
I would highly recommend this natural serum as years of expertise and loving care have been put into developing this product.

Joanne Brandt, March 2016

I have been applying Anicca’s Organics Anti-aging face serum for three weeks now, every morning and have no complaints. It feels great on my skin and the fragrance is lovely. It takes a very small amount to make my face feel moisturized and I’m good for the day. I’m 61 and don’t expect miracles, just happy with the product and how it makes my skin feel.

Wanda Simonson, March 2016

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