These are some of the habits and principles I live by that keep me Happy, Healthy and Thriving

  •  Eat a plant based diet Rich in Vegetables especially green leafy’s bitter greens, beets, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes,”mostly raw” with addition of various superfoods like Spirulina, Chlorella, herbs such as parsley, cilantro, nettle for cleansing, mint for digestion and more. This type of diet will assist in healing, mental clarity, and compassion for all life.
  • Use medicinal mushrooms to boost immunity and support the adrenals from stress- Chaga and Reishi
  • Add Fresh Aloe Vera into your daily diet for liver detox, digestive health, radiation protection and longevity
  • Get probiotics- eat plenty of fermented foods daily and add a probiotic supplement to the diet if necessary especially if you are rebuilding the digestive system
  •  Drink fresh spring water if available or clean alkaline water ( 2-4 litres a day depending on activity levels)
  •  Ensure you are getting the essential trace minerals especially Magnesium- I use Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil  transdermal application almost daily.
  • Balance hormones with Maca, Shativari, Ashwagandha, Licorice root
  • Cleanse 1-4 times per year starting with a parasite cleanse
  • Develop a daily meditation practice
  •  Develop a daily fitness habit a Yoga practice is good
  •  Cut alcohol and SUGAR from your diet
  •  Make your own food…grow your own if you can
  • Be mindful of your thoughts and eradicate negative programming when you become aware of it
  •  Program your cells to regenerate and see what happens! Mind over Matter…You are in control of your destiny and your body!
  •  Let Go of the past, Forgive and Love yourself. You are a magnificent being!
  •  Sleep! know when to relax and when to push! Don’t burn the wick at both ends.
  •  Have Fun! Be a KID! sign up for gymnastics or acrobat training (circus training) or some other KID-like sport and go for it…PLAY! Get in touch with the inner child- question everything and allow yourself to feel and be Free, limitless in a state of non-judgement, OPEN.
  • Cultivate Healthy Relationships
  • Make friends with your local Traditional Chinese Doctor as well as an Auyvedic Doctor- these ancient systems work for a reason- they are holistic in approach and take the whole person/lifestyle into account. They were designed to help people heal and to PREVENT illness in the first place. This is my number one health advice- Prevention. 
  • Be aware of EMF’s in your environment and do your best to get away from them- is pretty much impossible this day and age unless you live off grid- most of us don’t. Grounding daily is helpful and getting away from devices as much as you can. Aloe Vera is used and has been studied and scientifically proven to protect the cells from radiation.
  • Detach from the external drama in the world… do yourself a favour and get rid of the television.  Turn OFF the bad news machine. It infects the mind.
  • Move the Body and Sweat the toxins out everyday…power walk, Yoga, Gym,Dance, Sauna…..
  •  Do what you LOVE and LOVE You – take care of you because if you are depleted you cannot love or help anyone else. Contrary to popular belief, taking time to nurture yourself is the most loving thing you can do for the people you care about. When you are  When your cup is full You can show up 100% rather than 35%
  •  Don’t buy into the system, it was not designed to benefit or empower YOU!
  • Stay Away from pharmaceutical drugs 100% and keep recreational drug use at a minimum or better not at all.

Live in moment and enjoy the richness you will find there…

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