Anicca’s Keys To The Fountain Of Youth

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Here are some tips! its all about BALANCE and being in tune with your body/your being…maybe a little discipline thrown in for good measure!


1) Don’t buy into the system, it was not designed to benefit or empower YOU!

2) Stay Away from pharmaceutical drugs and/or recreational drugs
3) Eat a plant based diet “mostly raw” with superfoods like Chlorella Spirulina E3Live, herbs and medicinal mushrooms like Chaga
4) Drink copious amounts of fresh spring water if available or clean alkaline water (I mean 2-4 litres a day depending on activity levels
5) Ensure you are getting the essential trace minerals like magnesium for example which most are deficient
6)Cleanse 1-4 times per year starting with a parasite cleanse
7)Develop a daily meditation practice
8) Develop a daily Yoga practice
9) Cut alcohol and SUGAR from your diet
10) Make your own food…grow your own if you can
11) Be mindful of your thoughts and eradicate negative programming when you become aware of it
12) Program your cells to regenerate and see what happens! Mind over Matter…You are in control of your destiny and your body!
13) Let Go of the past, Forgive and Love yourself. You are a magnificent being!
14) Sleep! know when to relax and when to push! Don’t burn the wick at both ends.
15) Have Fun! Be a KID! sign up for gymnastics or acrobat training (circus training) or some other KID-like sport and go for it…PLAY! Get in touch with the inner child- question everything and allow yourself to feel and be Free, limitless in a state of non-judgement, OPEN.
16) Detach from the external drama in the world… do yourself a favour and get rid of the television. Torrent programs you like. Turn OFF the bad news machine. It infects the mind.
17) Sweat the toxins out everyday…power walk, Yoga, Gym,Dance, Sauna…..
18) Do what you LOVE

Live in moment and enjoy the richness you will find there…

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