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We all strive for vitality, more energy, healthier lifestyle, reduced pain, anti aging and the fountain of youth. Finding this is possible through guidance, encouragement, support and education. Anicca can help you through the process of lifestyle change and healing in a way that is fun and rewarding. Together we can make miracles happen and lifestyle changes that are gradual and permanent. Its a whole new way of being~ in clarity,  joy, harmony and in alignment with your higher self and grounded in Gaia.

Consultation with Anicca 

To order products or services please email me at brandt8is@gmail.com
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Personalized Lifestyle Makeover

This is a full on program that will change your life forever.  This program requires 6 months to 1 year commitment and is for those who are ready to make radical change.

What you can expect:  Full support in making complete lifestyle transition. This service includes weekly meal planning, shopping, organic Plant Based food creation (emphasis on raw foods), cleansing, education on holistic nutrition with an ayurvedic approach to health. Ongoing weekly counselling and emotional  support sessions during the process of breaking old habits and forming new more positive lifestyle choices.

If you want to heal your life this is the program for you!

Lifestyle Change/Weight loss Meal Plans

The Awakener! 

This is a great place to start the transition from the Standard North American Diet to a more nutrient dense way of eating…. from surviving to thriving!   This plan includes initial consultation, an introduction and education on superfoods and plant based food, a sample 3 day meal plan with a detailed list of foods to eat for optimal health and healing, 2 -30 min coaching sessions and email support.

The Super Human!

This plan offers a more detailed exploration of the incorporation of superfoods, where to source the highest quality and how to use them in your daily living. We look at issues that come up with lifestyle change and the emotions we have around our eating habits. You will have an introduction to the “raw food vegan lifestyle”. Includes detailed meal plan tailored to your needs, an in depth look at what to eat and what not to eat, GMO foods to avoid, water, how to shop, what to buy and where. This plan also includes information on juicing and other methods of detoxifying the body plus 4 – 60 min phone coaching sessions (once per week consecutive).

The Candida Eliminator!

This plan offers all that the previous plans offer with a dedicated focus on attacking candida fungus in the body. This is a highly strict lifestyle change that requires a relentless dedication to rid the body of this stubborn and invasive fungus. This plan includes a tailored anti candida meal plan, list of natural anti -fungals and the protocol used to attack the fungus. You will learn what pro- biotics to use and what cleansing methods to practice to help rid the body of toxins. Plan includes 3 months of support- 1 hour per week coaching/guidance.

Fitness Training- Consultation, Program Design

  • Program Consultation
  • Program Design Meal Plan

Anicca draws her expertise in fitness and athleticism from a background in figure skating, Ice Dance and is a certified Personal Trainer.

In addition, she has trained in dance, yoga, gymnastics, swimming, track and field and weight training from which she has developed a unique style and method of training.

She effectively incorporates conventional resistance training with a combination of plyometrics, functional training, Yoga /Pilates, to improve balance, flexibility, agility and offers workouts that are fun, burn fat, improve cardiovascular endurance, increase strength, power and speed while increasing lean muscle mass. She trains with precision, discipline, focus, attention to detail and motivation, helping to break down physical and mental barriers and achieve new levels of health and fitness.

Chakra Balancing and Healing with Reiki, Sound Therapy, Crystals

Hands on healing to release blockages in the physical, emotional and mental bodies, soothing the energy system, increasing the KA or Chi and opening the meridians of the body to increase vitality and speed up the healing process.

Reiki Attunements/Courses

Receiving Reiki attunements not only allows your own healing but teaches you to help others.

In the First Degree  You will learn the history of Reiki, the hand positions for a healing session, self healing hand positions, the Reiki Precepts and Philosophy, you will receive the attunement to the Reiki system.

In the Second Degree you will receive and learn 3 of the Reiki symbols and receive attunement to greater energy capacity.

At the Master Level you will receive the highest attunement as well as the Master symbols, you will also be taught how to pass on attunements to others.

Intuitive Spiritual Counsel Lifestyle Change Support

Learn tools  to assist you along the path to change including meditation techniques, Yoga asanas, ongoing guidance, coaching and support.



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