Spiritual Warfare


We are in the thick of it now! This war is age old on the subtle spiritual planes and now we are at the stage where the Enemy is ramping up to pull as many souls as possible down into a state of decay, despair, illusion, and death- worshiping false Gods, participating in Occult practices, living nonspiritual material based lives. Often times souls are blocked/blinded and unaware of what they are doing. The truth is so blurred by the manipulation of the establishment that those who do not know truth and have a solid foundation in God are easily led astray into the depths of this dark and sinister agenda.

Enslavement of the human race for Eternity.

During these times of transition those who chose to live a Godly life, committed to serving God’s plan are under attack. It is important more than ever now to keep focused on God and to be very aware and discerning of everything. Nothing is as it seems and the negative power is hell bent ( 😉 no pun intended!!) on making sure you don’t find your way home to the One True Living God. The Enemy will distract you, defile you, harass you into a state of Fear, thwart you. The Enemy will use any possible way to keep you in deception and darkness, to keep you from Rising and living/bringing Heaven on Earth. Tactics include, temptation; often sexual or drugs, worship of money, adultery, Fear based thinking etc.

The plan of the Enemy to destroy God’s creation- that means the earth, the animals and ultimately you. We can see this happening in the world now as the new leader of America seeks to annihilate the environment, healthcare, food programs for the elderly and for children- blatantly disregarding humanity and Life.

He is serving and is a manifestation of the Enemy.

Many people feel a sense of hopelessness at this time which is why it is ever more important to “Know Thyself”, as Jesus said. You are a child of the One True God and by divine birthright your heritage is Health, Prosperity, Love, Freedom, Abundant life and Joy. This is God’s reality and when we step out of the cage, out of the Matrix and into the light of God we receive these divine blessings. The worldly things are an illusion and have no power over a child who knows God’s place within them. This is empowerment and NOTHING can harm or touch a sovereign child of God. That is a powerful thing and the Enemy is trying to keep you from knowing God, knowing who you are and from stepping into your power.

God threatens the Enemies power. A sovereign Child of God is a force to be reckoned with.

Jesus said “Behold I give thee Authority over the Power of the Enemy”.

This is a powerful statement and one that brings immediate protection when under attack. If you are a seeker, as you try to rise, the Enemy strikes sending missiles in your direction- often on the spiritual plane- and sometimes in the events of your life experience to keep you down. It is so important to have your Armour, your arsenal of weapons against the Enemy. One such weapon is the Word Of God and Jesus’s teachings.

The above statement when said over and over like a Mantra will stop any attack dead in its tracks. I use it whenever I feel I am being attacked. Sometimes the attacks come as thoughts; negative, doubting, fear based thoughts are a clue one is under attack, struggles that are cyclical- patterns that keep repeating are an indication of the Enemy working in your life and blocking you from your Blessings.

God is Loving and wants you to live in joy, prosperity, harmony, and blessing. There is no struggle with God- although sometimes we are taught important spiritual lessons via some sort of lack or challenging situation, that is very different from a dark ominous cloud that blocks ones well being on an ongoing basis. Examples of this can be seen in financial strife/poverty, addictions, being accident prone, depression, ongoing health issues, disease. Anything that compromises your ability to receive God’s Blessings is a direct attack from the enemy and sheds light on where our lives have been infiltrated and hijacked.

I’m not going to get into details of how to be released of curses and the enemies’ stronghold in your life but I will leave links to my teachers who have saved my life- no joke.

SO, if you are a seeker of the truth and want to find your way home, be aware and study the scripture, the Word of God. Be willing to open your mind to possibilities that maybe you didn’t realize were there. The truth WILL set you FREE.

Be Well and Many Blessings!

My other Prince 🙂

Breakthrough Prayer- Very Powerful!


Time to Fly!


Anicca Brandt

Copyright 2017