The Slippery Slope of The Occult


“Cause when them Devil come, them Devil comes dressed as light. Maybe they gonna fool the untrained mind but nobody I know is gonna bite”  ~ Prince, The Artist.

I’ve been called to write about what I know based on experience.

In my previous article the path of the disciple I outlined my experience as a seeker of spiritual truth. In it I mentioned that I was dabbling in the Occult without really realizing what I was doing and the doorway it was opening into confusion, pain, suffering and ultimately death.

Its pretty serious business and the Price?  I’m not willing to pay.

Like many, I was drawn to the New Age Movement. Many seekers who have been turned off  Christianity and the church due to centuries of manipulation, alteration and misrepresentation of the true word of God, often end up embracing the New Age teachings looking for answers to life’s meaning and purpose.  Unfortunately these new age teachings are adulterated just as the teachings of many of the Christian factions are, and have roots deeply embedded in ancient occult practices. If you have ever studied the Occult you will know that it goes back to antiquity and is steeped in symbolism, magik, Tarot, numerology, divination, idolatry and astrology. It teaches us how to master the physical realm through manipulation of forces-alchemy, idol worship and self serving. According to the word of God this is an abomination and a sin against God.

As a sensitive I was intrigued by the world of the occult as young as 12 yrs of age, communicating with and channeling what I thought was the angelic realm of Gods angels. I avoided anything that was too dark until one day I found myself being drawn to the Thoth Deck after being influenced by people in my life who were working with these practices. It looked harmless yet at the time I had the distinct feeling that I was toying with a dangerous path.  I rationalized that because I am light, godly-devoted to God, had a daily meditation practice that it would not affect me. It seems crazy to me now yet I believe my soul needed to be led to this to know how powerful the dark forces are in their attempts to ensnare us. SO, I bought Alistair Crowley’s Thoth deck and even bought his book of Thoth!

As it turns out, I never did read the book and I  used the deck for maybe 3 months until the day  I realized something was very different in my life and I reached out to a friend for help (see article link top of page). I wasn’t feeling like myself and the red flag(s) was that I started to have a series of misfortunes out of nowhere and I began to feel helpless, abandoned and like an oppressive world was closing in on me. It felt like my connection to God had vanished, so what God was I serving?

The Devil/Kal/Satan is a clever being and will do whatever it takes to remain in control of this earth plane and enslavement of humanity. It was at this time in my life that I began to understand the true nature of evil and how real it is. These demons are powerful, seductive and can get in and taint the most godly people if they are not aware and discerning with a solid faith in Christ/God. I turned to the scriptures of the New Testament and started reading and listening daily to scripture- recommitting to God, repenting and inviting the Holy Spirit to live inside of me.I also, got rid of all Occult contact objects and anything to do with Occult practices. Everything changed and I had immediate relief from these terrors.  Jesus said in Luke 10:19 “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you”

From experience in these things I wanted to share because I see how dark the world has become in these times and it is ever so important to be empowered and suited up with God’s Armour for the spiritual battle that is ramping up. I also wanted to demonstrate how easy it is to get lured into serving the dark agenda, it doesn’t take much. The establishment is controlled by ancient secret societies, dating back to early Egyptian times, who practice black magic, witchcraft, sending out demonic gangs of spiritual beings- the fallen angels- that come dressed as light to allure you, tempt you to join them.

The great deception of this age- the mainstream media- which is owned by powerful elites, from music to movies is pushing the satanic agenda of world domination. The depopulation of the earth through toxins in the water, food,air and the enslavement of humanity. Wake up! Wake up!

The late great Derek Prince points out that the demonic beings are people without bodies- disembodied spirits that are everywhere waiting for the opportunity to “possess” a body. They get in through exposure to drugs, alcohol, deviant sexuality ( music industry) fear and violence ( Constant Wars, News Media, Hollywood).  The mind controlled masses follow the mind controlled celebrities who are the puppets, the performers, the representatives for the occult who lure the masses in through the senses using overt deviant sexuality, money, power, vanity. Fame and Fortune comes at a very high price, you have to sell your soul to be a celebrity. Everything we see in the establishment is a scam, a lie, a manipulation to confuse, distract, dis-inform and infect the minds of the people with fear and hatred, and to defile anything pure and true.

So it is. Be aware of that which you engage in and what you put your focus on…Eyes Wide Open. Use Discernment and stay in the light.



Anicca Brandt

Copyright 2017