OOOPS I Did It Again! Henna!!!


It’s all about the hair! After two years of growing out my hair post henna chop I did it again!

If you have followed my blog you will know in 2014 I put henna in my natural blonde hair. I went very red as you can see in a previous blog post (links are below). Anyways to get it out I had to cut my hair super short..first I did a moderately short pixie followed by a half inch long crop to get rid of the red. Here is the length of my hair now. I decided to do a henna cassia gloss last week- mostly because I was bored and needed a change this winter- my vision was strawberry blonde and I achieved it and am very pleased (the second photo is close to the actual color and in the sunlight it’s very strawberry).

The process of hennaing was something I missed…a hair ritual that not only conditions the hair but also makes it stronger and it just feels so good. As I am growing my hair long again (maybe 6 or 7 more inches) I want to be sure it is super healthy. I only co- wash and every other day (sometimes more) and shampoo with a natural gentle shampoo once per week. The only heat I use on my hair is blow drying it a few times a week and I try to go every other day without wetting my hair at all. Sometimes this is a challenge because I workout 5-6 times a week and sweat.

For more in depth info about henna and cassia see my previous posts and video on my experience  Henna on Blonde Hair and  Henna Conditioning 

To achieve this strawberry blonde color I used one part henna to 10 parts cassia mixed in warm hibiscus tea, squeeze of lemon, one cup of conditioner and about a 1/4 cup of olive oil. Let it sit for 75 min.

The trick now is to keep this color by doing the roots for 75% of the time and the rest of the hair for the remainder. It’s going to be an experiment and I really want to keep this light tint…I do not want dark red hair again.

Here is my natural color just prior to henna glossing!! Very light ash…I’m a Swede 🙂 img_7066-2

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