Thursday’s Musings


As I grow upwards towards the light, towards the higher version of myself living in God’s plan, God’s will for my life, I realize that I know nothing in the larger perspective of the universe.

We have all heard the analogy that the spiritual path is a winding, meandering road with the purpose being the journey of growth and expansion not the destination.  To experience  the learnings with surrender, acceptance and gratitude we open the door for the unfoldment of our goals, our destination. Life is a series of destinations. The pearl lies inside the journey.

With this wisdom the path becomes much easier as we are more in tune with God’s plan and trust that God knows whats best for our lives, better than we do, and that we are loved and supported in all things. Whatever is happening is for our highest good. The more we let go and surrender the quicker we move through life challenges. How many times have we mis-created as a result of obstinate use of our will, not listening to the subtle voice of God’s guidance. When we lack trust and faith in life we are bound to make many mistakes getting lost, distracted and sidetracked from our purpose.

In this modern life with so many cleverly designed distractions and the disintegration of godly pursuits we are not taught to make time for God. Unless one is seeking to know thyself and has the wisdom to unplug from worldly pursuits, from making external pleasures and satisfactions the priority in life, it will be impossible to know God. To know God is to know thyself. To hear God we have to engage in meditation on his word and invite him into our lives and then we begin to develop a relationship with God. This is the most important of all relationships. The rewards are great, we find love, joy, peace and forgiveness and with God’s blessings our lives become so much more manageable.

What inspires you and brings you joy is your purpose. God will support you as you walk in courage to fulfill God’s purpose for your life in service.


Copyright 2017

Anicca Brandt