The Path of The Disciple



Many years ago I had a spiritual awakening, at the age of 25, Jesus appeared to me in a meditation, held my hand and showed me his way- the path to GOD- sharing with me that I am one of his disciples. And let me say he is the most beautiful PURE light being I have ever seen and just being in his presence cleanses you!  Prior to this I had no spiritual discipline and arrogantly thought that if I met God then I will believe in God, both my parents were agnostic while growing up so I was not exposed to the church other than from my grandparents. As a child I did not have a good feeling about the church, I could see the hypocrisy- children are perceptive.

Was this meeting with Jesus my initiation onto the path of enlightenment?

Little did I know what was to change and alter in my life’s path but for certain no good could have come out of the lifestyle I had been living and the inevitable destruction that path would have led to.

This chance (or was it chance?)  meeting opened the doors to my seeking the truth which took me all over the place, studying Eastern traditions-Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, New Age woo woo (which blends the teachings of Christ with occultism and is a complete deception, a distraction away from God) and various other religious teachings. I kept the image of Jesus, from my life altering meeting with him, his essence and LOVE close to my heart through all of my learnings as a foundation and an example of what I am and how I wanted to be in the world. I did not consider myself a Christian however, as this still had religious connotations and represented a tarnished, manipulated establishment that I wanted no part in.

Instead I studied scripture on my own- specifically the New Testament and teachings of Jesus. These teachings resonated with my soul and triggered a deep knowing and understanding of this life and the times we are living in and how to navigate the perils. Truth resonates…you can feel purity.

It would take many many years of living and experiencing numerous trials and tribulations before I came to fully understand the discipline I needed to surrender my life to God, to cleanse my being of demonic influence in my life that was operating in the background, in the shadows.

For a long time I dabbled into Hinduism learning the teachings of Yogananda and other gurus from India- I thought the path of Yoga was it. Then I became immersed in the Radha Soami teachings of Master Kirpal Singh  for a time reading many of the teachings from this lineage which goes way back with many references to the teachings and life of Jesus.  As such Master Kirpal was leading me back home to the source of all.

In summer of 2016 after a rough patch lasting a few years I found myself spiraling down and I couldn’t understand what was happening to me. My thoughts were taking me to places I didn’t want to be and I was struggling to find my balance, my peace and God -my life raft- seemed to be nowhere in sight. I then reached out to a friend of mine who is a godly man and told him what was happening and asked him to pray for me because I knew that something beyond my control was infiltrating my life and mind. I mentioned to him that I felt that I needed clearing of the past, the ancestral lineage and that some dark force was affecting my happiness and joy. He reminded me of Derek Prince… Ah yes Derek Prince the wise spiritual teacher who teaches deliverance from evil, I once listened to one of his talks but at the time, although I found it interesting, I didn’t think that I had demons to clear!  Well I will tell you that that very night I listened to his talk on How to be Delivered – I wrote down the step by step process which is from scripture and then did these things. I  will say that there was an immediate release from the heavy feeling and sense of confusion and helplessness that I was experiencing. A lightness of being.

Since that moment I have not looked back and I am now not afraid to use the “dirty” word Christian because that is what I am. I have first hand experience with the Christ. My life has never been more secure and joyous- I am so grateful to have found my way home in this physical body and all the years of seeking and searching for the truth have led me right to where I never would have thought even though Jesus came to me that day in mediation. I do not belong to a church but rather find fellowship in the teachings as well as the community of godly people in my life. For me worship, prayer and meditation have always been something I do every single day, since my awakening at 25.

The reason for sharing my story is to paint the picture of the discipline needed to live a godly life and the responsibility of the disciple to be true to the teachings and to embody the essence of the Christ. We live in a time of great darkness and deception and it is so easy to succumb to the dark forces. It is everywhere- the Media  that controls the mainstream music industry, Hollywood, the sports industry; the military and governments of the world are all based on occult practices that are designed to keep the masses in the dark while manipulating their emotions, thoughts and actions. Creating fear and hatred in the hearts of mankind. I understand from my own experience just how easy it is for these demonic forces to get in and influence our minds. These spirits are just waiting for the opportunity to get inside a body and devastate/destroy lives; they thrive in the energy of fear, hatred, sexual deviance, drugs and alcohol, violence in TV and Film, perversion in the music industry, etc and you only have to be in the presence of these energies to be affected/infected.  Most of the world is under the influence of some kind of demonic forces unknowingly participating in satanic occult rituals that are prevalent in mainstream culture.

The truth IS stranger than fiction. Eyes wide Open.

In closing I will say that the path of the disciple is not an easy one, you have to have absolute commitment to serving God, be discerning, use all your strength, and really know thyself- people around you who are not on the path will not understand you, will oppose you and you may have to walk away from some relationships that do not support you.

The path of light is life altering and rewarding, it is filled with Joy, Freedom and Harmony..but it is not the easy path on this earth plane during this time of spiritual warfare- In the Dark Age.

To quote my hero- Prince Rogers Nelson, “Without God, its the Blind leading the Blind”


Anicca Brandt

Copyright 2017