Eclipse Season Sept 2016



We are nearing the end of this major transition Ascension cycle of Sept 2016 with the final 3rd eclipse, a full moon lunar eclipse occurring on Sept 16 in North America. If you haven’t already noticed the affects since late august you surely will this week. Top it off with the Mercury retrograde energies. These are intense times on the global as well as the personal level. Things are shifting so quickly with these planetary alignments designed to allow humanity to purge, cleanse, clarify, purify the darkness, the limited patterns of thought, behaviours, and past baggage that no longer serves. This is the opportune time with all this universal support to finally break free from the shackles that have kept us bound to lesser versions of who we are. It is time to up level, reformat, redefine our lives. We have the opportunity to move past the illusion of fear and into the higher frequency of love. The darkness is ramping up-getting grotesquely dark, this is a desperate attempt to further tarnish and enslave the souls of humanity by keeping them in fear and focused on the lower three “Earth Plane” chakras. You can break free now!

Do we face life from a place of trust and inner knowing, or do we face life from a place of fear, insecurity and lack. Are we  living authentically and honouring our purpose? These are all questions to ponder during this transition. Whatever shows up in our lives that throws us off balance, creates disharmony and old reactionary patterns of behaviour are there to show us where we are living in fear, and not embodying our souls essence. This great shift in consciousness, that began many decades ago, has been ramping up year after year with the influx of the higher frequency universal energies of the Photon Belt (light particles) the earth is moving through.  The choices we make now will impact the future of the planet and the human race. Are we coming from a place of Love? Are we doing what we Love? Our we authentic and living in Integrity? Are we Loving and kind to all?  It takes conscious awareness to recognise the patterns and triggers as some of these issues have been repeated for lifetimes on a soul as well as collective level.  Its work to heal thyself and to overcome the darkness we have all embodied since the fall- loss of consciousness on the earth plane thousands of years ago.

Pay attention to what comes up for you this week, be aware and make a choice that is different from the old.


What comes up during this cycle is happening in order to clear the slate and allow the space to create a new and different life…the life we have dreamed of. To live authentically, to be empowered and to know and honour thyself. As powerful creators we must become aware of what we are creating with our thoughts and words so that we can undo the cycle of mis- creation. We have all been down that road and the consequences are unbearable.


Sending out my prayers of Love to the planet and to ALL…Lets get this En-LIGHT-enment party started!

Let Go and Let GOD



Copyright Anicca Brandt 2016

All Rights Reserved.