Ionic Minerals


Great Salt Lake Utah

Here is a good source of trace minerals that I would recommend supplementation for pretty much everyone. Our soils are depleted of minerals and it’t tough to get all we need from foods- even if you are eating raw. If you are an athlete or working out 5-6 times per week the demands on your body are much greater than the average person and you will require more trace minerals.

I’ve been taking ConcenTrace now for only a few days and already feel a difference in my body. Powerful stuff. My almost daily ashtanga based practice depletes minerals through sweat and the demands on my muscles are pretty extreme at times. I was experiencing cramping (potassium deficiency), sore muscles and twitching ( magnesium) and fatigue (iron) so I knew it was time to cycle through some mineral supplementing. We need minerals for all cell function and when we are deficient we are susceptible to atrophy/disease that lead to eventual death.

Our bodies are finely tuned instruments that need many nutrients for optimal function.

Check out this clinical trial on the effects of minerals and osteoarthritis…