Ur The Greatest Soul…Prince!

Its been just over a month since we lost one of the greatest souls to visit this planet in a long time. A beautiful soul, a gentle soul, a loving soul.

This past month has been very strange indeed with the passing of an individual who not only made the most incredible music I’ve ever heard but stood for and represented what is real and meaningful in this life. Prince demonstrated the importance and the right to experience FREEDOM and LOVE on this earth plane.

We truly have lost one of the consciousness tribe and it is ever so sad.

I never met Prince in person- unfortunately- but he has had an impact on my life since I first heard his music and saw him perform.

I feel the great sadness and loss that so many feel, its really incredible.

The lies the media circus spin about his life and death is fascinating to witness and also disturbing; shaking my head at the state of the world we are living in.

A world where you have to search hard for the truth, where you have to commit your life to seeking truth.

I feel inspired, I feel sad, I feel joy, I feel a loss of light and brilliance, I feel Love.

Thank You PRINCE for shining your beautiful light and sharing your LOVE with the world. We are so blessed to have had your presence for a as long as we did. Thank you…

4 Ever Prince

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