Cassia Obovata on Natural Blonde Hair


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This is an update to my hair journey. Here is an article that shows before and after pics of blonde to henna to short…t-henna-grow-out/ ‎
And here is a Video I made about my henna experience and protocal

Its been a little over a year since I cut all my hair off and started to grow out the henna. I’m a natural light ash blonde (Swedish genes). When I was hennaing my hair for about a year I used cassia obovata which is also referred to as neutral henna to tone down the intensity of the red. Henna over my hair colour is really bright as can be seen in my henna pics/video. During my research at that time I learned that Cassia could be used on blonde hair without colouring it and with similar conditioning and strengthening properties of henna.
Recently I was missing my henna ritual which is something only people who have used and loved henna can relate to, so I decided to experiment with cassia because I don’t want red hair.
After hours of research it was difficult to find much in the way of videos etc of blondes using cassia…there are a few but not many. This is part of my motivation to write about this and share my before and after pics…for those who are curious and want to use cassia for similar reason. This is to all you natural blondes out there!

Cassia is a plant that is similar to henna in its effects but it does not have a red dye molecule but rather it can impart a golden to yellow stain on light hair. In my case I was not looking to change the color of my hair but to experience the strengthening and conditioning properties of cassia. As with all of these different ayurvedic plants you can combine different plants for different results- which is an article all on its own- and the best way to avoid dye release with cassia is to mix it with room temp filtered or distilled plain water, use it immediately and leave on for 60-90 min tops. Acids like tea ( even chammomile) and lemon will enhance the dye release, as does heat and leaving the mixture to “brew” for hours before use. The same applies for henna.

So below are my results of a 90 min cassia treatment and as you can see in the before (top pic) and after there is a slightly more golden tone to my hair. The hair feels good and I like the sublte golden color. Cassia smells like Henna and leaves the hair feeling similar to henna treatments. As with henna you MUST deep condition after rinsing. Another important trick is to add EVOO or Coconut oil to you mix for extra conditioning. Your hair will feel amazing. I am planning to treat my hair to cassia every 4-6 weeks or so as I grow it long. Its like a super powered protein treatment.


Before Cassia


After Cassia

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