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I first tried the Anicca’s Organics Anti Aging Face Serum in December when my face was dry from the cold weather. This serum was the only product that left my skin feeling soft and hydrated. After 3 days, I noticed that my skin had less wrinkles too. This serum not only hydrated my face but it left it looking younger.

It works really well with my liquid foundation too. I thought it would feel greasy because it’s an oil but it was the total opposite. My skin absorbed the oil and it made my face look fresh. My face looks better now too when I don’t wear make up.

I absolutely love the smell too. This is a product I would recommend to anyone wanting only the best ingredients for your face/skin!!

-Jackie Wotherspoon, March 16, 2016

I love Anicca’s skin care products! I currently use both the anti-aging face serum and the glow body serum.

Each time I open the bottle, I am enticed by the delicious scent, my favourite being the face oil. I have even tried putting a few drops in my hair to enjoy the scent for longer.

When I apply the face and body oils to my skin, I love how the product is well absorbed and leaves my skin feeling hydrated, but not oily.

I appreciate the care that Anicca takes to source out the finest quality, organic ingredients. I will continue to use Anicca’s Organics and look forward to trying more of her wonderful products as she expands her skin care line.

Simone Salizar, March 2016

I have been using Anicca’s anti ageing face serum for the past 3 months and my skin is loving it. I am 62 years old and am getting compliments from friends and family, and my face does not scream for moisturizer in the winter months any more!
I would highly recommend this natural serum as years of expertise and loving care have been put into developing this product.

Joanne Brandt, March 2016

I have been applying Anicca’s Organics Anti-aging face serum for three weeks now, every morning and have no complaints. It feels great on my skin and the fragrance is lovely. It takes a very small amount to make my face feel moisturized and I’m good for the day. I’m 61 and don’t expect miracles, just happy with the product and how it makes my skin feel.

Wanda Simonson, March 2016