The Winds Of Transformation



Today I am inspired and the fires within my soul are burning with tremendous intensity in response to the state of humanity that is reflected via the recent developments in the US presidential elections. A little background info about yours truly, I choose, for about 20 years now, not to own a TV or engage in watching TV. I find it insulting to my intelligence, an incredible waste of time and of a very low vibration/ frequency and simply do not want that garbage in my psyche. Today however I was in a public space where there were numerous TV’s playing the news; spewing footage of police vs the people violence cleverly tailored to influence the minds of the masses in a negative way (what else is new?). What I saw was violence that had a focus on the US elections,  there was no volume on the TV’s and I was at a distance so I could only make out via pictures and CC what was going on. It wasn’t until driving home that I heard on the radio what this outbreak of police violence was all about and then I heard all I needed to hear and that was that Trump has called for the arrest of ANYONE protesting as a result of his speech today where a protester tried to get up on stage.

The most disturbing part of the circus I am witnessing is the slow destruction of our civil liberties, which is of course not new, but it appears that it is getting worse and my concern is that if Trump gets into power we may see the complete annihilation of human rights and don’t think that it will only affect Americans, it will affect the whole world as these powers unite for world domination. The basic rights of the people have been strategically eroded since Nazi Germany and the onslaught of cleverly designed manipulation and degradation of the minds of the collective has been very successful since that time; the underground Nazi power is the force behind current world political agenda. This is evident in the state of the world. The world leaders have one agenda and that is world domination and complete control of the human race; the enslavement program. These psychopathic leaders will stop at nothing to suck the life force out of humans and the brainwashing and pharma dependency begins in the formative years. We have been collectively brainwashed by the media, drugged up by and lied to by big pharma (which allopathic doctors are the representatives and pushers of-aware or not), slowly poisoned by the food and water supply and genetically modified organisms, our immune systems under constant attack from EMF’s and nuclear radiation; much of which we are unaware of and finally distracted by consumerism and the addiction to “needing” more stuff at the expense of the planet. The natural world is being destroyed at break neck speed so we in the west can have all this “stuff” we don’t need…most of which is toxic plastic and ends up in the landfills a short time after purchase. Its also a very conniving set up to keep people distracted from what is important in life and from paying attention to what is going on behind the curtain. People are addicted to news, drugs, pharma, porn, shopping,  FB/social media etc etc.

It starts in school, we are taught to keep our mouths shut, don’t you dare question authority, speak up for your rights, have an opinion. If you do bypass this as I did you are ostracised and made to feel like a bad person for speaking and being your truth.  This is what I call complete and utter insanity. The human race is cut off from source. On an individual and collective level we have given our power to a system that will chew us up and spit us out with no remorse whatsoever. There is no value to life from the perspective of a psychopath; its victims are a means to an end…an energy source to be depleted.

My biggest concern over this recent development on the political scene is that we are heading for disaster and the complete loss of our freedoms as sovereign beings if Trump gets into power. Is it going to take the destruction of our god given rights; freedom of speech/thought, right to abundance, clean water, shelter, clean food in its natural state, right to live in harmony with our authentic selves, right to joy,  in order for the human collective to wake up? Are we headed for a repeat of WWII Nazi Germany only this time on a global scale? Isn’t it time we put all the distractions aside and get real and be honest with ourselves what is really going on in this world and start taking responsibility for ourselves by standing our ground against these monstrous forces that seek to destroy. Have we not suffered enough and the hands of these fascists? Have we not learned from history? What will it take for the people to get it together, to think for themselves, to stop believing the lies and manipulation, and to stop pretending (and or not caring) there is no problem.

If we don’t take our power back as a collective we are heading for a dire wake up call.



copyright Anicca Brandt 2016