The Science Of Health

Nutrition is a complex subject. In our modern western world, the evolving scientific discoveries of the holistic human allows us to have a deeper understanding of what the mystics have taught for centuries regarding human health and the connection between our energy field and our physical body (more on this in later chapter). Science such as quantum physics is beginning to prove the ancient mystical spiritual teachings. Our biology is a combination of systems that function as separate and yet each work symbiotically together to make the whole. It is not unlike the natural world where by each component of the environment affects the other and if one system is destroyed it has a devastating effect on the whole ecosystem. Our bodies are much the same as the external environment on a smaller scale. The human body is designed to receive nutrients and energy from food. We need to understand the science behind our bodies and how the body works and with this understanding we are able to practice a holistic approach to health.

We are more than these physical bodies. The ancient mystical teaching and metaphysics acknowledge the mind body and spirit and now science is beginning to merge with this understanding of life after much research and insight into the nature of reality thanks to quantum physics. In Ayurvedic medicine all aspects of being are taken into consideration when addressing the cause of illness or imbalance. It is only in western medicine, which is based on Newtonian physics a model that basis its understanding of life in a mechanistic way, that the body is looked upon as a machine made out of parts, chemicals molecules and atoms with systems and moving parts that are somehow unrelated to the whole. Newtonian physics only studies the material, neglecting the finer more subtle energies of the spiritual realm; of quantum physics.

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