New Beginnings- Remembering And Honoring My Roots

New Beginnings~ Remembering and Honoring My Roots

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Somewhere on the road I took a detour and lost myself or was my soul simply expanding and broadening to learn, grow and experience life. In 2007 after a lifetime of focusing on my fine art career as a painter photographer and figure skater I decided to move on, to reinvent myself and expand myself as a personal trainer. I walked away from my skating and art career to embark on a new chapter and focus. This new path required all my focus, time and attention, I decided to take down my art website, hung up my skates and moved forward into new horizons.

Having coached for years I was ready to enter another dimension of teaching fitness and health which has been a lifelong passion and focus for me, despite experiencing a crazy youth I always had the wisdom to take care of my physical vessel understanding that without amazing health life would not be a pleasure and I also had plans of living a very long life! Still do! My belief is that we have complete control and power over our aging process and perhaps aging is only a state of where we are mentally, our thoughts create reality that we live including our physical structure. The mind is a powerful creator.

Recently I have been going through a number of major life changes the most significant being the ending of a long-term relationship with a soul mate of many lifetimes. As I gather the pieces of myself that were blasted all over the place and regain my sense of self I am re creating my life and coming back to past places, things I left, projects ideas and inspirations that were placed on the back burner are now emerging out of the shadows and gently reminding me of who I am. What an experience this has been…so beautiful, so exciting and so painful as it unfolds evolves and I continue to heal my heart.

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Today after my morning power walk to and from coffee (addict! ;)) I was inspired to get back to my visual art. Then the idea popped in to illustrate the book I am writing. That feels right. When I got home I grabbed my external hard drive (thank god I have this as recently my laptop decided to leave me, to die and it took everything with it!) to have a look at the vaults, the archived material and found everything I need from my businesses to all my artwork and even to my surprise came across a ton of digital art I created over the years that I completely forgot about. It’s funny how when we look at things we created with new eyes it somehow looks different. The memories of creating these works were available and I do recall not liking any of them at the time of creation. Now I love it! I admit to be somewhat perfectionist; Artists are perfectionists, nothing half measure will ever do, and of course there is a balance that needs to be found or nothing would ever be completed! Haha! There is value in stepping away for a time and what a pleasant surprise when we revisit something and it inspires us anew. So to my pleasure there is an entire body of work that has never been exposed. That’s just freakin awesome. I love it!

I am writing this as confirmation that it is okay to let go and allow our souls to evolve, transform and grow in the natural organic ways of the universe, without expectation. Success is not a linear path, there is no race, only that we are living our truth and learning through the myriad of experiences life has to teach however that looks for each of us. It is so easy to beat ourselves up for not doing things the “right” way, which is often the way of the status quo. Life is a journey and it is our journey, there are infinite ways to get to where we are going and there is no judgment. Acceptance and love is all we need and that comes from self. I am so happy to be re evaluating my life, for the inspiration to create and re invent my-multi dimensional-self for the next leg of this amazing journey through this physical experience on this planet. Most of all I am excited to be embracing the artist and lover of life that I have always been and weaving all aspects of who I am together like a beautiful tapestry.

I thank all those on my path who participated with my soul to teach me about life- I am speaking to the souls who were the most difficult and antagonistic…Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


Images and Words  Copyright – Anicca Brandt 2015