To be authentic means that we are honest with ourselves, it means we are living in accordance with truth and standing behind this regardless of the external world with all of its pressures to conform to the status quo, the expectations of society in general and of family and friends. It takes a great deal of courage and strength to stand in ones truth and to fight for ones freedom, to be an authentic spiritual being in the face of judgment and misunderstanding from the external world. In a world dominated by lies, manipulation, Egos, competition, fear, hunger for power and domination it is challenging to maintain balance and harmony. Being able to listen to ones inner voice in a sea of distractions is not a simple task. To embody authentic living we must detach from the external world; all of its judgments and expectations to create the space required to listen the voice within, the voice of God Source. The earth plane is not designed to make this process easy.

With this in mind how do we become more in alignment with truth? It seems a daunting task to find truth in a world of misleading information, temptations of the senses, manipulation of the truth on every scale from the political leaders and those pulling the strings- that then filters down into all levels of society.

The first and foremost way to become an authentic being is to get in touch with our inner self and the best way to achieve this is through developing a meditation practice and of self inquiry/study. In a state of quiet inner focus we begin to hear our intuition our guidance and the voice of god source. Silence is necessary to hear the subtle realms. Another gateway to inner alignment is through the practice and discipline of yoga, which teaches meditation and self-awareness. In these times it is important to find ways to be who we really are to re evaluate our values and start working towards a life of authenticity and selflessness. We must let go of the concerns of the world and of other peoples opinions and judgments and be true to ourselves. This is an inner voyage.

There are so many people in the world – in all arenas -who talk the talk but just are not living truth, rather being guided and dominated by the ego. They may sound good, they may be knowledgeable, they may look really good too but under all of that they speak empty words, they are the tricksters and the fooled- the unaware; those driven by the egoic forces of control and manipulation. Discernment is a necessary tool to navigate ones way through the earth plane. The bottom line for so many is money and a distorted fear based worship of money that leads to being dishonest and unethical. Self-realized spiritual beings live in a perpetual world of abundance and wisdom, knowing that there is plenty for all and understanding this god given right. They know how to magnetize /manifest/ create all that they require to live comfortably by trusting, being in tune with source and living in that flow…moment to moment. There is nothing to fear when one is authentic and knowing self. The ego is the most difficult aspect to overcome and it takes a great deal of awareness of self and discipline to break free from its bondage. It’s a sneaky little snake that will tempt you off your focus and into worldly temptations and reactions that create more harm than good, are unfulfilling beyond the surface and are dead end roads.

As a collective there is a need to become more authentic and honest if we are to survive on the earth, we cannot live forever disregarding the nature of the universe and of basic universal laws, the earth simply cannot sustain an unconscious population. We have had centuries to evolve and outgrow the childish needs of the ego and it is our time to step up to the plate and become the empowered spiritual beings we truly are. Letting go of the fear –Surrendering the need to be in control, moving beyond the smallness of not feeling worthy and of not feeling good enough. Our true essence is abundant and divine and when we step into our truth, our authentic spiritual power is unleashed in the most graceful, beautiful and harmonious way…the way of pure and true love…of oneness and connectedness to all that is. From here we enter the realms of the spiritual masters who have walked before us, have held the light, gently guiding and showing the way with pure unconditional love and reverence for all life.

Find what resonates and go within, search for the truth within the soul and begin the journey to freedom…spread your magnificent wings and become the authentic being you came here to be. As each person raises their consciousness it has a ripple effect on the collective…this is the greatest work you could ever do and the greatest service to all that is. Be gentle with your process, forgiving and kind.



Copyright Anicca Brandt 2015