Clearing your Energy Field- Excerpt from my upcoming book

April 2015 175It has certainly been a rollercoaster ride these past few months…so much change and so much increase in healing and clearing energies available to us, increasing consciousness on the planet. I’ve had very little desire to write or create videos this past while so I am sharing a little piece from the book I am working on that may be relevant to some in these changing energies.

Soon I will get to creating some new videos and more posts on my site for those who follow…hope this finds you well.

So without further ado I present this small piece of writing….


Warm Blessings to all







Clearing the energy consciousness field


Change comes from conscious intent. The DNA holds vibration, holds information and it remembers everything we experience, our feelings and thoughts.

Intent creates reality. Belief creates reality. The DNA consciousness knows… the akash aka universal library of all that is, is where the blueprint of the body and cellular structure is “stored”- this is the spiritual data bank and it is here that we can tap into the pristine state of health that we are and recreate, regenerate, rejuvenate the cells without disease on the physical plane.

Energy patterns of thought/belief/ancestral lineage get stuck in our energy field creating a magnetic attraction point for similar energies. Negative thought forms and belief structures that remain attached to our morphogenetic field will affect us on an unconscious level and draw to us experiences that reflect that vibration through the law of attraction.  Thought is energy and vibration. This is the lifetime that we have the opportunity to shift out of karma into an state of self-empowerment and self realization where karma has no energy any longer.  As we become conscious co creative beings we no longer create negative karma because we have “graduated” to a level of awareness of ourselves that we will only chose to act from the space of love- for self and other. By now many of us have cleared a lot if not most of the karmas we incarnated to clear, many have agreed to resolve past Karma’s in this lifetime so that the incarnated soul can get on with the amazing creative potential that is experienced when the soul overrides the personality and is living in accordance with universal law.

There is no escaping the law of Karma and the sooner we clear our past negative karma- meaning the sooner we face and deal with the results of past unconscious behavior we then learn what our souls intended to learn and move on as gracefully as possible without adding more of a similar karma to our future experience. This includes any negative thought forms, false fear based belief patterns,  judgements/criticism of self and others. There are healing modalities that can assist in clearing the morphogenetic field where all patterns, memories, experiences, thoughts and beliefs are stored.

We want to clear as much discordant energy as soon as it has been revealed, releasing it to avoid carrying these energies around with us in our daily lives and thus avoiding unnecessary pain- disease on the emotional, physical or mental levels. How do we clear our energy bodies? There are many different ways in the new age for doing this like prayer- asking for help from your guides, ascended masters, and archangels. Use of the violet flame is helpful as are healing sessions with a genuine healer/shaman. One of  the most powerful ways to protect your energy and clear your field is the understanding/knowing that we are always protected and that we are divine light. A very simple, fast and effective way to clear the energy body is to visualize a diamond light, you can imagine your body contained in a diamond,  diamond light is the purest light and will immediately clear your energy. It doesn’t hurt to call in Archangel Michael for some assistance with clearing and protecting/ shielding you from unwanted foreign energy when you are doing healing work. This is all that is required and as you visualize and work with this energy you will feel energized uplifted and clear, it is very simple yet very powerful. In addition it is worth mentioning the use of grounding/protective crystals when working with these energies…some really powerful helpers here are Black Tourmaline, Jet, Obsidian, Shungite. Making a habit of having these on your person when in large crowds like you experience in cities is a good idea if you are sensitive/empathic. I don’t leave home without these.’

Excerpt from my new- yet to be published book 🙂

All rights reserved. Copywrite Anicca Brandt 2015