A Wee Little Hair Update Post Henna Grow Out

Its been 6 months since my last henna treatment and 5 months since I chopped off all my long hair (Sept 6 2014) to grow the henna out. For more information about Henna and why I decided to Henna my hair you can check out my video and article on the subject. Some of these photos being selfies are not the best but it documents the transition. It is finally mostly my natural colour now..yay! It took one extra short layered cut at the beginning of Nov to cut out most of the henna. The tips are the hennaed hair and it has faded considerably. Natural blonde hair has  golden tones to it so the colours blend. No more cutting… I will grow this current cut (last photo) out into a variations of a shag style because I am growing my hair long again I don’t want to cut it. Hair grows about 1/2 inch a month- my hair grows 1 inch a month (diet and lifestyle!). Henna was fun but I feel more like myself as the colour I was born with and have sported my entire life 🙂 Next I may try Cassia which is a plant that has similar conditioning and strengthening properties as henna without the color. It will impart a slight golden hue to blonde hair which can be avoided by mixing in some Indian Gooseberry also known as Amla powder making it colourless. Amla can also be mixed  with henna to create strawberry blonde. If you are going to use henna know that it is permanent and cannot be removed without toxic chemicals which defeats the whole purpose of using it in the first place (see video link above). You have to be ready for a commitment of time, love change and be  prepared to one day chop it all off if you want your natural hair colour back.

Here’s the transition From Dec 2013- Jan 2015

Anica Red Hair 058 3 hair 071 Nov 7 Nov 27 036 random 2015 021Copyright Anicca Brandt 2015



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