Eat Your Dirt! The Wonders Of Diatomaceous Earth

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Diatomaceous earth consists of fossilized remains of diatoms, a type of hard-shelled algae. It is sold as a fine white powder similar to bentonite clay.

Incorporating DE into your diet is going to benefit you in numerous ways. It is made up of 84% Silica, a mineral that is not easy to get in our mineral depleted soils. Silica is the building blocks of our bodies, the structure- Bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles, skin, hair, nails and stimulates the production of collagen which is responsible for skins appearance, its elasticity and firmness.

DE also:
~cleanses the colon
~Rids the body of parasites but does not kill the good bacteria
~Pulls out heavy metals
~Stimulate hair and nail growth making both strong and shiny
~Strengthen bones
~Is a good addition for athletes or anyone who is training hard 5-6 days a week to support healthy connective tissue, joint issues and recovery from stress and injury.
~Great for anti ageing as we lose silica as we age and the body does not produce it on its own.
Its a great supplement for keeping the body clean
~Pet care- worms and fleas

I recommend taking 1-2 Tablespoons per day in water or juice every day for the rest of your life. It mixes very well and has a mild to no taste. It is non toxic and is safe to take daily. Make sure you take FOOD Grade DE as it is also sold on the market for pesticide control for your garden. I get my DE from Harmonic Arts apothecary from Vancouver Island… you can order from their website- they have amazing variety of superfoods, herbs, tinctures and have their own organic herb gardens.
You may begin to notice hair growth and nail changes rapidly but expect to see the full benefits of adding silica to your daily diet in about 2 months of regular intake of DE. You will also be ridding your body of harmful parasites, microbes, pathogens like Candida with DE and the best part of all…its Dirt Cheap!


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Anicca is a trainer and holistic nutrition specialist focusing on plant based nutrition and superfoods for athletes and anyone looking to make radical lifestyle change.