Red Cabbage tabbouleh


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Lately I’ve been in the mood for red cabbage. I tend to go crazy on certain foods and then move past it…phases. Right now its red cabbage. Besides being full of nutritional value- chalk full of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants its just super yummy and crunchy. I like crunch and color!

Because I have a love of middle eastern foods like tabbouleh instead of a coleslaw  I decided to create a cabbage version of tabbouleh with no grains.

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Here’s how…Wash cabbage and cut in half, take one half and cut into small pieces then place in a bowl add salt (celtic sea salt) and apple cider vinegar. The salt and ACV help to break down the cabbages cellulose wall for easier digestion.


While that is marinating wash and cut a bunch of parsley

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Add the parsley to the mix.

Cut half a red onion and add it. Cut up a clove of garlic for the tahini

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To make Tahini-

2 heaping tablespoons of sunflower seed butter (you can use traditional sesame seed or other nut butters)

Juice of 1 whole lemon

1/4 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Celtic sea salt to taste

Water ( approx a 1/4 cup) You want a slightly runnier than yoghurt consistency

Black Pepper corns

Cayenne Pepper


Blend it till its smooth and creamy- see tahini in crystal glass 🙂 only the BEST!

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Pour tahini over the works and mix it all up

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Transfer to a serving dish and place in fridge. I leave it about 30 minutes to continue to marinate and then indulge.

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To make this dish a meal add an avocado before serving. You can add other ingredients like cucumber, celery, dandelion, other seeds and nuts and of course spice it up any way you like…turmeric is a good addition to the tahini as well as making it sunny it tastes yummy and is super good for your joints and liver cleansing along with dandelion.




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