Dreams are the Creators Canvas


Recently, I discovered a small business loan company called Kabbage that helps people achieve their dreams and goals, this got me thinking about writing a piece on my dreams and goals. Sure… sounds easy right? Maybe not.

It is one thing to write ones dreams down or to visualize in the privacy of ones own space the reality one is creating/magnetizing and it is a whole other thing to come out in public and share the things that are mostly kept to oneself or shared with a select few close friends. I believe magical things happen when we vocalize our wishes  out loud as it somehow makes it more real, makes us accountable as well as it really puts  the energy out into the world to manifest. Ask and ye shall receive.

So, before I get into my dreams I’d like to share my philosophy and thoughts on the topic of dreams, goals and manifestation.

I like to dream, and I dream big! Dreaming and visualizing are a natural part of the process of creation and manifestation.

Having followed and lived many of my dreams so far in life I do believe I am very good at manifesting that which I desire.  Some clues to our dreams are the things that make us shine, where we experience joy, freedom, harmony and a sense of “no time”. These are indicators and the foundation our dreams are created from. What is your passion? What is the purpose for your life? What brings you joy and makes your heart sing? These are the signs that align you with your Dreams!

How do we actualize our dreams in the world? You may wonder.

Every single thing we see on the planet is a result of someone’s dream. In order to create anything, from wealth to a masterpiece of music, art, dance, architecture there must first be desire and passion followed by vision, the formulation of dreams and action. We are creative beings by nature and when we allow ourselves to dream we tap into the unlimited potential of our visions and our talents.


What are the ingredients for the manifestation of our dreams?

First you have to allow you’re self time to visualize and imagine what it is that you want to create, believing that it is possible. You must be very specific and focus on all of the details of your dream/vision until it becomes a part of you and feels as real as if it were already present in your life. Then you must hold the vision and take actions steps in the direction of your dream…in other words set goals that will take you from A-B-C. It is important to understand the flow of creation and to allow time for stillness/silence/non-action and time for action.  We cannot force our dreams; we need to know when to act and when to receive while keeping a laser focus on the end result. Then, we must let it go, let go of expectations of how and when it will arrive in our reality allowing the universe to guide us in the direction of our dream. You will know, as everything is in divine order and the universe will point you in the right direction when you listen and still the mind, being receptive and present in the moment, taking one step at a time towards your goal in an attitude of  gratitude, patience and contentment with your current moment/reality.  In this state of self-mastery we can create our wildest dreams,  the “impossible” as if by a miraculous stroke of luck, when all the components are in alignment and what we have focused on suddenly becomes our reality.

Never give up! You will be challenged, experience setbacks, obstacles and these serve as a test to your commitment, perseverance, and strength. Even if it takes much longer than you hoped it would you must never give up on your dreams… a life lived without dreams is a life half lived. The universe has given you talents and gifts, DREAMS to realize and share with the world.

I recommend keeping to your own counsel when you are planting your dreams as there will always be naysayers who try to diminish your dream and tell you it’s impossible. These people usually mean no harm, they are simply operating from their own limited set of beliefs and you don’t need anyone else’s opinion (s) and negativity creating doubt and setting you back.


Okay, without further ado I shall present to the world for the first time ever my current dreams and goals in life.


I dream of a life of creative freedom where I am paid very well for my knowledge, experience, time, energy and enthusiasm. I am paid to write, create and be a part of authentic projects that raise the consciousness of individuals and the planet. I love to inspire and motivate people to change, heal and to live in harmony with their dreams. My ideal life consists of the freedom to be and do the things that I love while being well supported financially for my creativity, skills and knowledge. My current short term goals/dreams involve experiencing living in Los Angeles, working as a personal holistic chef/nutritional consultant with a high profile actor, public speaking at holistic health events, travelling and deepening my yoga practice. Studying with Shiva Rea in Venice beach, taking my yoga teacher training with her and finally… getting myself to Burning Man 2015!!! My long term goal – writing a book. Whao! that’s a big list…


Living in the moment and the flow of creative expression is the key to manifesting the things we dream of. As we are the master creator of our reality, anything we can think/dream of we can achieve. Our thoughts create reality so whatever we put our focus and attention to will be the thing (s) we are able to magnetize to us and manifest in the outer world. The only things that hold back our dreams are our very own limited beliefs and thoughts. We must be fearless and have love for ourself, knowing that we deserve to have it all and that in an abundant universe our “having it all” doesn’t mean there will be less for others because abundance is our birthright and it is in endless supply.  As we live our dreams, we are the example, the “way showers” and the inspiration for others to do the same and as more and more people stand up and realize their dreams we increase the joy and harmony on the earth.

Whatever you want you must get into alignment with, trust that it is already a  reality, feel it- hear it- smell it- taste it then  let it go allowing it to come into form.

Who said you can’t live your dream?

Onwards and Upwards

In love



Copyright Anicca Brandt 2014

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