The Importance of Daily Meditation Practice


2 thoughts on “The Importance of Daily Meditation Practice

  1. Hi Anicca Lighting is pretty good in this video. The change of background works well for this type of message. It would be nice to acquire a portable thematic diorama one day. You were right; the top of your head was cut from the image. Ha ha. Need to tip the camera angle up a bit. The downside of being statuesque. You look so relaxed. I liked the video. Still doing my morning meditation on the way to work but will start to work in additional meditations in the evenings and on weekends in order to reach those quieter states of mind. The morning meditations pass too quickly.

    • Yes the top of my head is cut off and I knew it would be but was done tweaking and decided to shoot it regardless. Haha! It’s good to have things less than perfect sometimes
      and just roll with it!
      The lighting is a real problem for me in this space as my last space provided such great natural light and white reflective wall space… All I need is a big sheet of canvas as a backdrop and that will help. Even a white shoji screen would work…anything that will reflect light back. Also, I need to figure out softer lighting on the key light (I think) as I get shadows on my face and it’s not clear. With proper lighting there should be no shadows and it should look natural. This is a problem that is a bit frustrating and is part of the reason my shoot days take so long…so many tests. Eventually, though, I just have to not worry about it and get it done even if it’s less than perfect.
      Studio help would be nice!! Haha someone to deal with all the tech stuff and who has professional equipment.
      It’s not bad for an iPhone.
      Thanks for the comment. Happy meditation!


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