Is your life spinning out of control?


In today’s “Doing Madness”… a society caught up in being busy all the time, it  is very difficult for the majority of people in modern culture to have the time for self-reflection, introspection and soul searching. Sadly for many these times only come if one is lucky enough to have some sort of tragedy or brush with death that awakens one to a deeper meaning of life. In all the doing there is an emptiness, a void space where time is simply filled from morning until dusk with tasks, to do lists, jobs people hate,  many of which are mind numbing and meaningless in the broader spectrum of life.

We did not come to the earth to become robotic slaves of the false matrix, slaves to a system created by those who have hoarded wealth and taken power to the extreme levels of greed and selfish gratification, manipulating the minds of the masses through its various means. A system that has created religious indoctrination and separation, the media spin doctors create the stories, the government systems and corporations dominate the planet.

We came here as sovereign universal beings to experience the physicality of this plane, to resolve karma and evolve, to know thyself as a reflection of God/source/creation.  Our world is lost to the truth and to what matters. People are slowly slowly waking up but as a witness to this it is taking forever and I am impatient at times.

To walk the spiritual path is a perilous journey and it requires great strength, courage, fortitude, faith and desire to know truth, to be authentic. If we are too busy, too distracted to seek or even care to seek truth and find out who we are then we never will. It is impossible to walk the path when we make no commitment or time for meditative experience, creativity, intuitive and inspired action and the knowing and following of one’s purpose. Our modern society is designed to keep people distracted by lies, fear, materialism, the pursuit of wealth and this human doing epidemic. That my dear ones is how ‘they’ maintain control and domination. If all human beings understood the truth of who they are as divine co-creators and believed in themselves and their abilities to create miracles on this planet we would have a radically different world.  A self-realized being is powerful beyond measure and that is why we are kept away from being who we were designed to be…because the system cannot exist if humanity was to rise. We outnumber those who are in control and the power of embodied divine love and light is indestructible.

The system, the matrix was cleverly designed to not only shut people off from truth and from accessing source connection, but to control minds. The brainwashing starts very early in childhood in the school system. We are taught what are socially acceptable behaviours, careers, thoughts etc. We learn to compete with each other and to judge each other from grade one onwards and we are punished (at least I was) if we dare question authority or think for ourselves, outside the box. In this way those who have lived lives of integrity often find it a difficult terrain with the general way in which the world operates, and the craziest part of all? None of it is real.

We live in an illusion of deceit that has roots thousands of years ago. The destruction of much ancient knowledge was planned to create the slave race we now see on this planet, take the truth about our existence away, create a number of different religions that teach of an angry god and create separation among the people and you have the recipe for fear, control and war. People in a constant state of fear are easy to control, manipulate and dominate. Take away resources and the basic necessities for survival, our god given right to abundant well-being and you have a race of people, generation after generation who have lost themselves and are completely unplugged from the source of creation thereby rendering them ripe for control.

In this day to walk ones truth and live outside the matrix is ever harder as the cost of living and basic needs are put at a premium  making it necessary to either be independently wealthy or to work 6 jobs to have some sort of quality of life.  This is just another tactic of course to keep the ‘rat on the wheel’ so to speak and away from inquisitive thinking and focus on higher things. It takes courage to walk against the grain and it is the most important action one can take towards shifting the world as it is now. Being who we are, who we came here to be and not what everyone else/society wants or expects us to be is the greatest gift we can give to the world and to ourselves. It is the most selfless of actions really, as we are in a place of service when we realize and use our god given gifts.

I was criticized many times in my life, mainly in childhood, because I am a dreamer. To be a dreamer is a bad thing in our world it seems. Our world does not put value on creativity yet it is by creativity that we are here. The earth is a creative being, god is creative, the universe is creative and we are creative beings. It is our nature to create and if we cannot dream we cannot create. A dream is a visualization and unless we can imagine something we cannot create or manifest anything into form. Everyhting we see on the earth comes from imagination, ‘day dreaming’ is creativity. In order to create we need to quiet the mind to receive the information, much of the creative process is like a meditation and we open ourselves up to higher knowledge, we receive information.

The human doings are shut off from the creative process and therefore live lives that are not fulfilling them because they are not in touch with or honoring their own innate desire to express and create. We are all one and one with source/god and in that way we are part of all creative force in the universe. It is therefore our very nature to create. When we are not connected to our nature we become depressed and lose the joy and exuberance for life! Life is meant to be lived experienced in a state of joy wonder and awe at the brilliance of creation. It is something to be celebrated.

Make time in your life for you, for the exploration of truth and of your true essence and purpose. Find what you love and make it happen, unplug from the external prison and the internal prison of the mind. Free yourself by allowing yourself to be authentic and making room for creative life force to flow through you and out into the world. Be the Blessing you are.



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  1. Working hard at climbing out of the box. Thanks for the refocusing on the non material world of self realization.

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