40 Day Fast- Day 5 Update


No time to make a video!

A few things came to mind over the past few days.  During a period of withdrawal from food we realize how strong our senses and our desires are. We are dominated by our senses and our desires for comfort and pleasure. When we fast we have to deal with all these feelings and sensations in the body that are not always comfortable, the obvious one being hunger. It is definitely a test of will and determination to complete a fast of this length and when you know the benefits it’s well worth the minor inconvenience and discomfort.

This time around I am finding it more difficult than my 40 day juice fast, either that or my memory of it has faded because it’s really easy to forget discomfort.

On day 3 I was super tired and grumpy as my cleansing symptoms decided to arrive late.  I treated myself to a fresh organic carrot, beet, celery, cucumber and ginger juice in the afternoon and a vegetable broth I made with left over veggies in my fridge -pre fast- for dinner. That seemed to help along with a good sleep. My body gets really cold when I am fasting and when 100% raw because the climate here is moderate, damp cold that goes right through your bones. Brrrr! Having lots of warm herbal teas and clear broths with cayenne pepper really helps.  From experience of being 100% Raw for 2 years and fasting for 40 days in winter on the West Coast of Canada I believe 100% Raw Diets and fasting are ideal for warmer southern climates or during the hot summer months in the northern climates. The Ayurvedic principle of eating foods in season, local (as much as possible) and for your constitution really resonates with me. The raw food diet does not follow Ayurvedic concepts. I am about 80% Raw in winter and 99.9% in summer.

Day four was amazing, experienced clarity, serenity, and I had a great deal of stamina for a long day with only super green algae. There have been a few moments already where I just wanted to eat something and when it gets out of control I grab the chlorella tablets and munch away and then all is good again. My need for salt has been higher then when I juiced; I suspect this may be because vegetables contain some salt and I found that adding some Celtic sea salt with my chlorella helps as does drinking tomato or celery juice with lemon and salt added. Eating algae, as much as I love it, for 40 days might be a little more difficult than I thought as my body is telling me. Speaking of super food algae’s, sourcing out high quality pure super foods is very important. As an example the cheaper chlorella on the market is high in heavy metals because of contaminants in the processing. Chlorella has the ability to pull heavy metals from the cells of the body so it seems odd that the lower quality companies are selling chlorella full of mercury, lead, and arsenic because of lack of quality and standard. The USDA does not test for heavy metals in super foods.  Buyers beware.  I am eating Prime Chlorella which is grown in a controlled indoor environment free of pollution and toxins. Chlorella’s tough cell wall needs to be cracked for the body to access the nutrients and detox function. Prime Chlorella uses sound vibration to crack the cell wall thus does not compromise its nutritional value the way the grinding or heat/freeze process does. The cost is more for the good stuff but it’s your body, your temple, so it’s worth every cent. Since I’m on the topic, I should explain the difference between Prime Chlorella and E3Live, E3Live is blue green algae like spirulina and is harvested from Klamath Lake Oregon. My only concern is environmental pollution but this is claimed as one of the most amazing products in the super green/blue green algae markets. As with anything do the research. These three super food green and blue green algae’s are fresh water algae not from the sea.

Now on to Day Five… The spring Equinox!! I feel good now but when I awoke in my hotel in Whistler this morning I felt as if my body was made of lead, very, very dense and heavy. The first thing that came to mind was the Sauna…to sweat out the toxins. On my way back to Vancouver I stopped at the gym and had an hour sauna, alternating heat and cold therapy for immune and circulatory stimulation.

Drinking a ton of natural spring water preferably stored in dark glass bottles is essential when fasting to keep the system hydrated and flush the toxins being released into the blood stream. We require 2-4 liters a day depending on our activity level. There are natural springs all over the planet…got to http://www.findaspring.com to find one near you. There is nothing more pleasurable than drinking water right from inside the mother earth in the area where you live, living water that imparts nutrients and information to your cells.

I ❤ EARTH. Get your bare feet on her to ground yourself and  the static, scrambled energies from all the EMF’s we are bombarded with in our modern cities.

Honor the body, take good care, connect to a listen to your body because it is your vehicle in the third dimensional earth experience and if it’s not well you cannot thrive.

Next update should be a video in a few days! Namaste

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