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Been doing a ton of energy work and clearing of the past lately.

I have been working with the Akashic and seeing the patterns in my souls experience on the earth over time. There are key figures that come up from the many lifetimes. There was a pattern of oppression, repression and betrayal with these souls that needed to be healed and cleared and roles have most likely been reversed during various lifetimes.

Issues with self-doubt and unworthiness stem from these patterns of experience of control and domination. In this lifetime we have the opportunity to clear negative patterns/programming and to heal these wounds if we choose.

Going through the clearing process of this and all lifetimes, clearing family lineage/genetic path cutting is difficult to say the least. It is a blessing to be able to do this work in this life and to have these difficult situations and people mirror back what is within.

The Dark Night of The Soul, the time on the path when we are faced with the most difficult challenges that bring us to our knees and that force us to look within for the answers. It is so uncomfortable to heal the deepest subconscious traumas and to face what the external world is reflecting back to us, but it is an essential step on the path to joy and happiness. For some of us the patterns and the pain are so deeply buried that we are unconscious of how these wounded aspects of ourselves are dictating our lives. Until we have had enough mis- creation, poor choices, pain and suffering. It is at the point when the pain becomes unbearable and we know we cannot live another moment in such despair that we find the gift of freedom and the opportunity for growth and change.

Unraveling the subconscious traumas from this lifetime and perhaps others is messy business. It is painful and there are moments when the pain is so unbearable you think you are going to die…at least for me this is the case. I remember one event that triggered feelings coming from a childhood trauma from the age of one that presented as so much discomfort in my heart that I literally thought my heart would explode. The evening before this trigger I had prayed and asked my guides to show me, to heal and release more of my subconscious traumas and the universe quickly responded by presenting a situation that brought this painful aspect to the surface for me to see. This is a process of continual self-examination on the inner plane and sometimes it seems like it will take forever especially if we have layer upon layer (which many do) of buried traumas. It is the gradual process of healing that allows us to become more of ourselves, to purify and to be free of the shackles of fear, negative thinking and programming.

All the people and situations in our lives mirror back to us our beliefs, feelings and thoughts about ourselves. Whatever is difficult in our lives as well as what is working is a reflection of what we believe about ourselves, our judgments, our fears, our anger, our frustration, our doubt, our self-worth, our joy, our self-love, self-respect and so on. Facing the truth about the aspects of ourselves that are less than desirable is challenging and when we can shine the light on the shadow self, uproot the fears and the programs that reside there, we no longer see this reflection in the outer experience. We live in a reflective reality so whenever you find yourself upset or offended  with something or someone it is time to look at yourself and ask yourself why it upsets you, what characteristic do you hold that is being triggered and reflected back to you  in that person or experience.  This is how we become self- aware and heal. We are responsible for all our experience and creation. Not so fun when we are not living the life we truly want but knowing this truth allows us to do what is necessary to change our lives forever. Being loving and patient with our progress is very important during healing, we must not beat ourselves up for our mistakes but rather forgive ourselves for that which we did not know. When we forgive ourselves we can forgive others.

I read a funny thing today that I resonated with, “I am so grateful for all the assholes out there. You help me grow in ways you can’t imagine”. This is so true and when we can be at that place of gratitude, love and compassion for those who are not kind and loving to us and to know that they are only a mirror reflecting back some aspect of ourselves, this is when we are free, it is the golden opportunity to search inside, to see ourselves as we are and to release that which does not serve our soul. It is when true and lasting healing can occur.

Be kind, be loving, be gentle, take nothing personal, laugh, love, live joyfully, live abundantly, dream, believe, love yourself, and be good to yourself. Ask for guidance and assistance from the angels and your guides… they await you, love you and support you, but you must ask to receive. Remember if the experience is too intense you can always ask for the learning to be more gentle. We get what we ask for! We are never given more than we can handle whatever situation you may find yourself in. All is good and remember that we chose this experience to learn, grow and evolve.  According to Gregg Braden in the 7 Essene Mirrors; when huge life-altering crisis occurs we should celebrate, as this indicates we are at a place of mastery on our path if we embrace the learning.

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  1. Thanks for showing the golden light of the dawn that follows the Dark Night of The Soul. Thank you also, Anica, for the link to Gregg Braden. Much to reflect on.

  2. Anica, this post is an extremely powerful and succinct insight into a deep inner journey that hopefully more souls will undertake too, very big thank you for sharing, sincere regards, Barry

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