Current Solar Activity


Photo courtesy of Bjørn Jørgensen of Tromsø Norway taken Oct 30 2013

The sun has been in a very active phase for the past month and intensifying this past weekend with 3 X class flares in 3 days, in case you are not sure what that means flares are graded by letters that represent their size from small sunspots class A and B, to larger C, M (from 1-9) and then X class being the largest with no limit to the following number. The latest was an X2 on Tuesday. For more info

There are many physical symptoms that are experienced with the flares as the photonic particles are rewiring our cells and activating/upgrading our DNA. Many people experience anxiety, moodiness, fatigue, aches and pains, confusion, disorientation, as well as symptoms of weight gain-This is due to the body holding more water to protect itself from the radiation. It is important to drink plenty of alkaline water and eat raw alkaline forming foods to protect your cells. Things like chlorella and spirulina are a must to help protect the body and assist in assimilating these intense energies. Our bodies are transforming with each transmission of light coming from the SUN. It can be very intense if we don’t take care of our bodies with living plant based foods plenty of rest and meditation to help ease the process.

You may find yourself wanting to eat more during these light transmissions designed to awaken humanity and blast out the old dark hidden patterns of thought and behavior that no longer serve. Whatever does not serve the highest good of all and our higher selves embodiment must leave in order to achieve self-awareness and restore harmony and balance on the planet. When we become self-aware we are then empowered to live out our lives purpose and play an active role in the changes that are so needed if we are to continue to call earth our home. The sun is helping the humans ascend with the beloved earth.

In my experience, the current flares seem to be affecting me in a different way than the previous year of 2012. An earth directed CME takes a few days for the geomagnetic storm to enter our magnetosphere, creating the stunning auroras we have been having, and the affects can be felt immediately, in my case, or when the energy arrives. This series of flares seems to be easier to deal with after a quiet 2013, respite from the almost constant barrage of flares last year. This time it feels” lighter” : ) easier to deal with and for myself very energizing.

We are ramping up for the Solar Eclipse and Uranus Pluto square coming up this weekend which from my understanding will contribute to more releasing and changes for humanity. It is a time to be quiet, get out and connect with nature, do less, allow, BE, Receive and LET GO of the old patterns of thought, behaviors, PROGRAMMING and beliefs that are part of the illusion. We are birthing into more of our true selves and have the opportunity to release the old paradigm and live together as an enlightened race of beings who know their intergalactic roots.  We are in this transformation and all we thought we knew to be truth is gradually being exposed through transparency as the veils are lifted and the illusion, the lies, the darkness cannot survive in the new earth.

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  1. Hi Anica, Thanks for the info on the Solar Flares, I have just started to hear about them. I have not yet noticed enough to know their effect. I am eating mostly raw though. And I am opening to the light in meditations anyway. Blessings, Solana

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