The Healing Power of Nutrition and Intuitive/Spiritual Eating


We were created/designed with inner intelligence. Our complex bodies are comprised of billions of cells of cosmic intelligence that carry out a myriad of functions within the physical body; a complex structure and network of communication that carries on without our conscious awareness of it and keeps us alive and functioning even in the worst case scenarios of abuse and neglect.

Being in tune with our bodies needs is a highly important factor in maintaining health, vitality, youth and overall wellbeing. Without high quality nutrition we are susceptible to all kinds of disease from cancers and other degenerative disease, to mental disorders, Bi-Polar, ADD, ADHD, OCD, OCPD, and Autism and so on. When we treat our bodies as the temples that they are, the vehicle for the human experience on the planet earth and understand what they need to function at optimal levels we can assist our cells to self-heal, self-regulate and not age. With nutrition we can heal, have greater peace and room to heal our minds through meditation, assist hormone balance to ease the bodies systems so that we can focus on the higher purpose of our missions on the earth at this time. When our bodies are clean and functioning well we have the ability to hear its needs if we learn to listen.

The epidemic sickness on the planet is a direct link to the poor quality foods being consumed by the majority of the population. Overly processed, contaminated, medicated and chemically altered foods are toxic to the human body thus affecting not only the physical but the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. To have a clean body is to allow higher intelligence to communicate with you. If you look at the temples around the world they are beautiful revered spaces that are clean and harmonious for worship. Our body is just like a temple that needs to be clean and loved in order to receive cosmic information and awareness through meditation. It is very difficult to hear our guidance when the vehicle is cluttered with toxins, and is in a constant state of stress trying to get rid of the poisons being consumed continuously. It is remarkable how much damage we can do to our bodies and still be alive.  Things like meditation are much easier when one has a mindful eating practice of clean living foods that are full of life force and are nutrient dense.

When we have cleared the slate, detoxified the body and eliminated dead foods, cosmetic chemicals, household and environmental toxins we then have re written our program, reformatted the hard drive and can start fresh with a new clean living lifestyle that will support the intelligence within to achieve a state of thriving rather than barely surviving and slowly dying.

You will find your mind is clear and quiet, your energy is abundant and you have created the “space’ required to feel joy, harmony, peace which is our god given and natural state. When we start to honor ourselves by taking care and loving, ourselves we are on the path to enlightenment. There are no Masters who come to the earth plane sickly and who stop at McDonald’s to stuff themselves with toxic waste, the Masters of all the different disciplines demonstrate lifestyles in honor of our celestial roots eating lightly if much at all and living in harmony with all life. When the body is clean and uncluttered we can then attune to the higher realms and can become clear receivers of divine wisdom and truth. Without this advantage we are lost in the endless sea of the collective (un)consciousness that most of the planet has been a enslaved to since we gave our power away millennia ago. As the old adage says “You are what you eat”

Our bodies are hardwired/programmed for longevity and this intelligence was lost long ago as we forgot who we are and what we are capable of as empowered spiritual beings. Thankfully this knowledge is coming back to the planet as it awakens in the Golden Age the Age of Aquarius. We are here to know ourselves and to awaken the dormant aspects of our being and this is only possible if we are willing to live a life of impeccability in thought, deed, lifestyle (diet, meditation, prayer, practice and integrity). In order to do any of this we must first come clean within ourselves, honor respect and love ourselves treat our bodies with the love they deserve as the vehicle for the human experience they are and then share that love with one another. Start by healing your body with foods that cleanse and balance the hormones, drinking clean water and getting exercise in fresh air. Listen to what your body is telling you it needs (most cravings unless they are addictions are signals that the body needs a certain nutrient(s)) Listen and it will direct you and when you listen you will feel revived and nourished mind body soul.

Copyright Anica Brandt 2013 


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  1. Thank you! I really enjoyed reading your article. Also I’m totally agree that nutrition is very important if we want to achieve a state of thriving 🙂 And you are an amazing coach, you know how to eat properly in order to realize our potential. I am so happy that you help me to improve my eating habits. Thanks again!

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