The Benefits of Power Walking


Walking is one of the best things you can do for your body and is highly underrated.

Power walking is walking at a pace just slower that a jog.  Power walking for 60 mins, 6 days a week has many benefits beyond weight loss, including- cardiovascular fitness, lowers stress, strengthens quadracepts, hamstrings, calves, hip flexors, strengthens bones, increased oxygen helps with mood and oxygenates the cells. Many people spend the majority of their days sitting at a desk, in a car with very little walking going on. We were not really meant for all this sitting.

Power walking is enjoyable, meditative and prepares you for your day.  It is a low impact exercise that prevents future joint problems and injuries unlike running.  If you can walk outside this is best, I recommend by the ocean if that is possible as the negative ions coming off the ocean will further enhance your mood in addition to relieving some of the electromagnetic stress from radiation coming off cell phones, computers, smart meters etc. Negative ions and connection to the earth, in particular getting your bare feet on the earth help to ground your body and clean up your energy field. We all need this  with our current busy disconnected urban lives.

Of course if you are not in a city that supports being outdoors year round you can power walk using a treadmill at the gym.

One hour of power walking burns anywhere from 300-500 calories x 6 days a week is a calorie deficit of  1800-3000 calories per week making it easy to lose around 1-1.5 pounds per week.

If you are new to power walking start with a 30 min 6 day per week goal and stick to it, consistency is key. Within a month you will be addicted not only the results but to the feeling.

For those who want more of a challenge/harder workout you can vary your walking with short intervals of running. Interval training is one of my favorites and is an excellent way to burn fat/calories. You can space your intervals in various was, 10 min walking warm up, 1 min run, 4 min walking, 1 min run, 4 min walking etc. There are no rules just listen to your body and you will know when to push and when ease up.

Another favorite is running stairs or hills during a power walk. Be creative, get out in nature and move your body! Remember to stretch post workout, if you practice Yoga implement some postures as part of your program with a focus on hamstrings- for example;  Downward Dog,  forward fold, seated forward fold and run through a few vinyasa’s.

One last point- eating clean, healthy, living foods is an important part and major factor in any weight loss program.

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