Spring is a great time to embark on a cleanse. During the winter, depending where you live, we tend to get less sun, less daylight and eat heavier foods and are less active. We are also bombarded daily with environmental pollutants, toxins from cars, tv’s cell phones, computers etc.

Working out is a great way to release harmful toxins from the body through sweat but is it enough? I don’t think so. In my opinion cleansing is a must for health and longevity and we need to do it at least once per year (every season is ideal). Spring time is the perfect time to give our bodies a break from the constant barrage of chemicals and toxins we ingest and it is THE time for liver detoxification.

There are many ways to cleanse, from the simple Master cleanse to various cleansing methods using herbs and restricted “clean”  diet. As one experienced in cleansing I prefer to juice fast over other types of cleanses as it is safe, it allows the body to clean deep into the tissues and if done long enough, resets the bodies metabolic rate, kind of like reformatting a computer hard drive. The benefits are many from simply feeling better, looking better, increased energy, youthful appearance, smooth skin, and the best for many is the unwanted fat that leaves the body for good.

Our fat cells store the toxins and heavy metals so when we cleanse our bodies these substances are dislodged and exit through, sweat and elimination. Once these toxins leave, the fat cells also shrink and disappear. This has been the only way that I was able to lose that extra stubborn 5-10 lbs that just never wanted to go not matter how much I trained. After a juice fast of at least 10 days you will want to make changes in your regular diet as well, certain foods will seem less appealing as you are more sensitive to your body and what makes it thrive.

I recommend starting with a couple of days on juice if you are a newbie, because the first few times you do a fast are not much fun, our bodies know when we a allowing the cleansing to take place and the toxins when released into the blood stream can cause a myriad of uncomfortable symptoms. These pass in a few days and it does get easier until eventually you are in a place of bliss, peace, high energy and joy!

Copyright- Anica Brandt 2011

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