Yoga for nervous system and hormone balance

Yoga is restorative, opens the energy channels in the body and makes our bodies supple and flexible with practice. If you have ever looked at people who make yoga a regular practice, they look fresh, young and their skin glows. Granted, you must also be consuming good alkaline water and whole organic live foods daily if you want your skin to glow, but a daily practice of only a few key postures can greatly improve energy levels, improve circulation, cleanse the blood and feed the skin.

Here is a list of postures that work to help keep you eternally youthful. You can open the session with sun salutations to get the blood flowing and as a warm up.

This can be done first thing in the morning after a cup of hot water. I prefer to do these postures twice per day, morning and early evening. Headstands are great when you feel tired and sluggish…they really help to get the blood and circulation moving… making you feel better.

This quick energizing workout can be completed in 20 – 30 min.

Sun Salutations SURYA NAMASKAR I, II

Warm up 3 -5 rounds

Standing Poses


Strengthenslegs, back, shoulders and arms. Develops strength stability and stamina. Increases flexibility in the groin, hips, back and shoulders. Chest opening. Beginning of back bending poses.



Wrings out the body releasing tension and flooding the body with nutrients. Deeply cleansing and nourishing. Strengthens back, rotates the spine, stretches hip and eases back pain. Tones and massages the liver slpeen and intestines. Frees chest and shoulders.



Opens chest stretches upper spine breaking up tension in the mid to upper back. Stretches shoulders and neck, is a counter pose to shoulder stand.


Develops strength and flexibility of the spine and body. Stretches quads, pelvis, abdominal, full length of spine, chest and shoulders. Energizing calming breaks up tension. Clears the mind.


In general improve circulation, lymph drainage, nourishing the cells of the face, muscles and skin. Elevating the legs relieves fatigue, improves digestion and elimination. Great De-stressor!


Benefits of Headstand…Stimulates the pineal and pituitary glands, the master glands of the endocrine system that controls the chemical balance of the body.  Strengthens the neck shoulders and arms. Stimulates circulation, digestion, elimination. The Brain is flooded with rich new nutrients, the mind clears.


Strengthens the nervous system and emotions by stimulating the thyroid and parathyroid glands, regulating metabolism. Strengthens upper body, opens chest, streches neck, shoulders, and upper back muscles. Stimulates circulation and energy flow to through neck to brain and body. Relieves fatigue.

Childs Pose

Meditative, relaxes muscles in the face, calming and centering.

Copyright- Anica Brandt 2011