“True healing begins with awareness: awareness of self, first of all, to discover how we function. With awareness comes responsibility. We are the cause of our illness and can therefore be actively responsible for our own healing.” ~ Annemarie Colbin

A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others” ~ Salvador Dali

Rejuvenation -Inspiration -Balance – Wisdom – Longevity – Exaltation – Thriving!

Facilitating Healing Through Awareness

It is my life’s work and mission to work with natures elements for the purpose of healing, disease prevention, spiritual connection, clarity, purpose and to inspire, support and encourage others to be authentic and to remember who they are.

It brings me tremendous joy to share my love of healthy, balanced living and my knowledge with those who seek healing, change and transformation.

Be inspired and encouraged to grow in a safe and healing environment.

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